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The History Department’s Syllabi Library gives students the opportunity to view syllabi for both previously and currently offered history courses. While we believe referencing these syllabi before registering for future courses is helpful, students should take note that courses, even though they may share a course number, title, and instructor, vary from semester to semester and instructor to instructor. Students should also be aware that the instructor may modify his or her course plan as appropriate throughout the semester. If students have any questions or concerns regarding the courses they are considering registering for, we encourage them to consult with the History Department’s academic advisor and/or talk with the course instructor.

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History 700 and 800 Courses Syllabi

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History 701 - History in a Global Perspective

History 703 - History and Theory

History 704 – Topics in Contemporary History

History 705 – Topics in Global History

History 706 - Topics in Transnational History

History 707 - The Old Regime and the French Revolution

History 710 – Professional Development Seminar

History 719 - Proseminar-Medieval History

History 724 - The Politics of Persuasion: Soft Power in Europe and the United States

History 725 - Seminar in East Asian History

History 730 - Proseminar in Latin American History

History 751 - Seminar on Ottoman and Middle East History

History 753 - Seminar-Comparative World History

History 755 - Proseminar in Southeast Asian History

History 757 - Proseminar in Indian History

History 771 - History of Modern Indonesia and Malaysia

History 774 - Methods for Historical Research in Non-Literate Societies

History 795 - Quantitative Methods for Historical Research

History 796 - The Editing of Historical Materials

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History 800 - Research Seminar in History

History 801 - Seminar in Ancient History

History 804 - Interdisciplinary Western European Area Studies Seminar

History 813 - Seminar-Byzantine History & Civilization

History 825 - Seminar in 19th and 20th Century Europe

History 827 - Research Seminar In Latin American and History

History 829 - Research Seminar In Latin American and Caribbean History

History 831 - Seminar on Early Modern Britain

History 837 - Seminar-History of Modern Britain and Ireland

History 845 - Seminar-Central European History

History 850 - Seminar on the History and Historiography of the Soviet Union

History 851 - Seminar on Ottoman and Middle East History

History 854 - Seminar in Modern Chinese History

History 855 - Seminar in Japanese History

History 857 - Seminar Topics in South Asian History

History 858 - Seminar in Problems of Islamic History

History 861 - Seminar in The History of Africa

History 866 - Seminar in the Social History of Modern Europe

History 867 - Seminar in European Social and Intellectual History

History 868 - Seminar in Modern French History

History 891 - Proseminar in Modern European History

History 900 Courses Syllabi

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History 900 - Introduction to History for United States Historians

History 901 - Studies in American History

History 902 - Research Seminar in American History

History 906 -Proseminar on the History of Education

History 910 - History of Colonial North America

History 925 - Seminar-America in the Civil War Era

History 929 - History of Labor and the Working Class in the United States

History 932 - Seminar in American Environmental History

History 937 - The History of Women and Gender in the U.S. Since 1870

History 938 - History of Sexuality

History 940 - Seminar-American History 1900-1945

History 941 - Indians and Empires

History 942 - American Indian History, 1800-Present

History 943 - Race & Nationalism: Comparative & Theoretical Perspectives

History 944 -Special Problems in Mdoern American Legal History

History 945 - Seminar-American History 1929 to the Present

History 951 - Seminar-Intellectual History of America

History 952 - Seminar in Comparative History

History 958 - American Military History

History 963 - American Religious History to 1860

History 965 - Seminar in the History of the American West

History 974 - Seminar in American History for Teachers of High School Advanced Placement Courses

History 975 - Practicum in American History for Advanced Placement Teachers

History 978 - Teaching College History: Introduction to Undergraduate Pedagogy

History 982 - Interdepartmental Seminar in the Latin-American Area

History 983 - Interdepartmental Seminar-African Studies