Board of Visitors

Established in 2015, the Department of History Board of Visitors consists of about 25 to 35 History alumni from a variety of careers, life pursuits, and geographic areas who volunteer their time to serve the Department and its students.

While a number of departments across the University have had engaged Boards of Visitors for years, the History Department’s Board of Visitors is a relatively new entity.  The Board’s inaugural meeting in Fall 2015 was the culmination of dedicated efforts by the Department, particularly its Chairperson, to evaluate and learn from the roles and compositions of Boards of Visitors across the University, identify key focus areas for a History Department alumni board, and build an inaugural membership of alumni from varied backgrounds.

The Board serves as volunteer ambassadors for the Department of History and provides assistance to the Department that enhances the experiences of its undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni. Board members aim to champion and strengthen the Department’s state, national and international stature in its quest for excellence in areas such as research, teaching, and professional service.

To accomplish this, the Board focuses on three critical activity areas:

  • Facilitating increased mentorship, career exploration, internship, and other professional opportunities for History majors.
  • Providing an external relations and advocacy network for the Department that promotes the Department’s cutting-edge research and award-winning teaching among alumni across the country and globally, and increases networking opportunities for alumni with faculty and students in a variety of settings.
  • Supporting the Department’s development and fundraising initiatives, and helping the Department broaden its financial base.

In sum, we strive to help expand the Department’s intellectual community, by inviting alumni back into the fold and generating new excitement around the work of History. Members serve 3 year, renewable terms. The Board meets in Madison twice a year in the Fall (in September or October) and Spring (in April or May).

Prospective members are nominated by the Department Chair and the Board of Visitors Chair for approval by the current Board membership.