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History Students: The History Lab is still open! We have migrated our services to Microsoft Teams, a chat feature on Microsoft Office. If you think that you will have difficulty using a video/chat service that uses WiFi, please scroll down to the “phone” option.

Take these steps to make a History Lab appointment using Microsoft Teams:

  1. Sign up for an appointment time through our Starfish system, as usual. When you make the appointment, please indicate in the “notes” section on the final page that you will use the Microsoft Teams option.
  2. On the day of the appointment: 5 – 10 minutes before the appointment starts, prepare the digital copies of your paper, syllabus, and prompt. You will be able to share these documents in Microsoft Teams so that the History Lab TA can help you.*
  3. Next, open your email webpage. Click on the chat message box icon in the top right of the webpage. The Microsoft Teams webpage will open.*
  4. At the start of the appointment: Search your TA’s name in the search box. Start a chat (ie “Hi Catriona, I am ready to start my appointment). Please remember that sometimes we have back-to-back appointments. You may need to wait a few minutes until your TA can respond.
  5. The History  Lab TA will respond by asking if you prefer a video, audio, or chat appointment. The appointment will begin.*
  6. **If for some reason your TA has not responded to your chat within 5 minutes of the appointment start time, please email the TA and the History Lab coordinator, Catriona Miller ( We will try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. History Lab TA emails: Brian Chervitz (; Abigail Corcoran (; Alexandra Fleagle (; Meghan O’Donnell (

*We highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Teams function when you sign up for an appointment. It is an easy system to use but the the video and audio features only work in certain browsers. You will need to have google chrome or microsoft edge or you can download the Microsoft Teams app onto your computer (it takes less than 5 minutes). If you want to test it, search your Lab TA’s name and open the chat. In the top right corner of the chat, check to see if the audio and video function are “on” (aka purple). You do not need to actually call or video to check this.

**We recommend using the audio or video function to receive the best feedback and support on your writing projects. If audio or video is not possible, we can talk about the paper over the chat option.

Take these steps to make a phone appointment with a History Lab TA:

If you cannot use Microsoft Teams, we also have a telephone option. Follow these instructions:

  1. Make an appointment with an instructor with Starfish, as usual. When you make the appointment, please indicate in the “notes” section on the final page that you will use the phone option.
  2. 5 minutes before the appointment beings: Send your project, syllabus, and prompt to the TA’s email address. (History Lab TA emails: Brian Chervitz (; Abigail Corcoran (; Alexandra Fleagle (; Meghan O’Donnell ( The TA will respond with a google voice phone number for you to call. Please remember that we have back-to-back appointments sometimes so you may need to wait a few minutes until the TA can respond to you with their phone number.
  3. Call the google voice number. You will be asked to state your name at the beginning of the call.
  4. The TA will answer the phone and the appointment will start.

**If for some reason you are having trouble contacting your TA or if your TA has not responded to your email within 5 minutes of the appointment start time, please email**


If you have any problems (ie. Starfish doesn’t work, Microsoft Teams doesn’t work, none of the above options works for you, etc.) please email: **The History Lab will try to respond to your email as soon as possible but for questions or issues that do not require immediate attention, please allow for up to 24 hours for a response. The email is not checked in the evenings or over the weekends**

The History Lab is a resource center for undergraduate students studying, researching, and writing about the past. It is staffed by experienced graduate students from the Department of History.

Through individual tutoring, the Lab focuses on honing students’ abilities to form topics, conduct research, develop arguments and thesis statements, cite evidence, and write effectively. The Lab is equipped also to support challenges faced by English-language learners.

The History Lab is located in 4255 Humanities. The easiest way to find it is to enter the set of doors on the right as you approach the building through the N. Park Street parking lot. Take the stairs or elevator up to the Fourth Floor and go through the doors on the left and down that hallway. You’ll find the lab just as you round the corner at the end of that hallway.

View map to The History Lab (pdf)

Let us help you with your paper or research project, no matter your stage in the process. Our staff will help you become a sharp, analytical thinker with strong communication skills.

Helpful Writing Guides

Helpful Writing Guides – A series of short guides that is intended to give students quick introductions to both general writing mechanics and the application of those practices in history writing specifically.

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