University of Wisconsin–Madison


Fall 2017

Adi Armon

Visiting Assistant Professor: History 500 – Jewish Intellectuals and Politics in the 20th Century

John Boonstra

Lecturer: History 229 - Modern Mediterranean History, 1798 to the Present

Hye Eun Choi

Lecturer: History 108 - Introduction to East Asian History - Korea

Jesse Gant

Lecturer: History 102 -American History, Civil War Era to the Present

Aaron Hiltner

Lecturer: History 428 - The American Military Experience Since 1899

Nicholas Jacobson

Lecturer: History 322 - Afro-American History to 1900

Abigail “Abby” Lewis

Lecturer: History 223 - Picturing History: Visual Culture&Memory in Mod Europe

William B. Noseworthy

Lecturer: History 225 - Explorations in the Third World: "Decolonize This!"

Berke Torunoglu

Lecturer: History 225 - The Modern Middle East: 1800 to the Present