ARCHIVE Volume 26 Now Available Online

ARCHIVE Group photo
ARCHIVE Group photo

Cover: Archive 26 The newest volume of ARCHIVE is here! The University of Wisconsin-Madison Undergraduate Journal of History published their 26th volume this May 2023. Editor-in-Chief Madeline McGlone, along with Editors Reilly Coon, Bella Costanzo, Sophia Halverson, Thomas Harb, Danielle Lennon, Claudia Liverseed, Zhengzai “Charles” Pei, and Kelley Schlise worked hard during this past year to produce a volume that encompasses writing from students at UW-Madison, University of Chicago, and the London School of Economics and Political Science. Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Kathryn Ciancia, served as faculty advisor to the editors as they worked on the publication.

Included in this volume:

  • “Reimagining Imperium Britannicum: Walter Crane, The Imperial Federation Map, and Late Victorian Discourse on ‘Greater Britain’” by Avan Fata
  • “Scouting’s Human Crop: The Boy Scouts’ Ideological and Physical Influence on the Landscape of Public Recreation in the 1930s” by Evan McKenzie
  • “(Web)Sites of Memory: Notions of Home in AIDS Commemoration, From the Quilt to Instagram” by Mary Mouton
  • “Radical Student Press at UW-Madison: An Analysis of the Black Voice from 1971-1973” by Isabella Cerda

Read the full version of the journal here.