UW History Alumni & Emeritus Receive WHA Awards

Western Historical Association logoCongratulations to our graduate program alumni, Jennifer Holland (PhD, 2013) and Cori Simon (PhD, 2020), on their awards from the Western Historical Association! At the WHA meeting last week, Jennifer Holland was presented with two book awards, the David J. Weber Prize and the W. Turrentine Jackson Award for Tiny You: A Western History of the Anti-Abortion Movement (University of California Press, 2020). Cori Simon was presented with the inaugural Western Historical Association Dissertation Prize for her UW-Madison dissertation titled “Shadowland: Indian Territory’s Contested Past and Uncertain Future, 1800-1910.”

Jennifer Holland is Assistant Professor of U.S. History at The University of Oklahoma, specializing in histories of gender, sexuality, and race in the twentieth-century North American West. Cori Simon is Assistant Professor of U.S. History at The University of Oklahoma, specializing in Native North America, the U.S. West, race, ethnicity, and Indigeneity, and the nineteenth century.

Professor Emeritus Susan Lee Johnson, the current President of the Western Historical Association, also received the Robert G. Athearn Award for Writing Kit Carson: Fallen Heroes in a Changing West (University of North Carolina Press 2020).