Professor Mou Banerjee Featured for Excellent Teaching

Students holding up Thank You signs on the virutual classroomUW-Madison News has featured Professor Mou Banerjee in a piece about pandemic pedagogy, and what meaningful connection with students looks like in a virtual classroom. At the end of the fall 2020 semester, Professor Banerjee’s History 200 First Year Interest Group students surprised her with a collection of heartfelt signs displaying thank you messages, revealed over Zoom. The short video clip is available on our YouTube page.

Ellie Asher, a first-year student in the class who helped organize the surprise thank-you gesture, says that Banerjee built a strong sense of community in the class. “A lot of times we put the emphasis on how hard it is for students to learn virtually,” Asher says. “But it’s also hard for professors to go into an online class every single day. Professor Banerjee did a terrific job.”

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