Lecture: Jane Collins

“The Politics of Value”

Jane Collins
Professor of Community & Environmental Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies,
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thursday, November 2, 2017
7:00 PM
A Room of One’s Own Bookstore, 315 W Gorham Street

The Great Recession not only shook Americans’ economic faith but also prompted powerful critiques of economic institutions. This timely book explores three movements that gathered force after 2008: the rise of the benefit corporation, which requires social responsibility and eschews share price as the best metric for success; the emergence of a new group, Slow Money, that fosters peer-to-peer investing; and the 2011 Wisconsin protests against a bill restricting the union rights of state workers.

Presented in partnership with the Wisconsin Book Festival.

Jane L. Collins is professor of community and environmental sociology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Collins has made significant contributions in the sociology of labor, where her research focuses on how globalization is changing work relationships; and the economic sociology of value determination, where she studies how society draws boundaries between market and non-market transactions.