Aijie Shi


Advisor: Florence Hsia

Aijie Shi


I spent four wonderful years studying Chinese History at Nanjing University as an undergraduate. I moved to Chinese Academy of Sciences for a Master program on the history of astronomy in ancient China before I pursued my M. A. degree at the University of Pittsburgh, East Asian Languages and Literatures. I am interested in the lapse of time, the change of environment and the vicissitudes of life. At the UW-Madison, I study the history of science in Modern East Asia, with an emphasis on China and Japan. Focusing on the history of biology, my project currently looks at people’s changing perceptions of and interactions with nature from the early twentieth-century onwards.


  • History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

MA Title

  • “Nationalizing Science in Republican China: The Birth of China’s Policy on Foreign Biological Expeditions”