Alex Scheepens

Position title: TA: History 357 with Dr. Benjamin Shannon


Advisor: Amos Bitzan

Alex Scheepens


I’m a graduate student of modern European history, focusing on Jewish Studies. My research centers on the high victimization percentage of Dutch Jews in the Shoah. I’m interested in the integration of the Jews in Dutch society and the role of antisemitism during the interwar period. I’m looking to understand the relationships between Jews and non-Jews, and how these interactions changed during and after the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. I believe that one way of doing this is by reconstructing the social perception of “integration” and “tolerance” within Dutch society, and place these terms in the right context and in turn redefine them. My research interests include: modern European history, Holocaust Studies, and antisemitism.


M.A., European Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2016
B.A., International Relations, History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2014


  • European History