Verenize Arceo

Position title: TA: History 136 with Dr. Alexandra Mountain


Advisor: Paige Glotzer

Verenize Arceo


My research interests center on the intersections of race and space in the North American West during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. My undergraduate research experience focused on Merced, California’s Chinese community between 1850 and 1920 and analyzed how spatial dynamics complicates our understanding of power relations and restores voices to historically silenced communities. Ultimately, it is my desire to focus on how minority groups take the “foreign” out of their segregated enclaves within small towns and make these marginalized spaces into homes and communities.


B.A., History, University of California, Merced, 2018


  • U.S./North American History

Selected Publications

  • “Bridging China with Merced: Chinese Economic and Spatial Development, 1870-1900.” Southern California Quarterly. (Submitted)