HSMT Doctorates Awarded Since 1952

First Name Last Name Advisor Co-Advisor Degree Date Title
Cemil Akdogan David Lindberg 1978 Optics in Albert the Great's De Sensu Et Sensato: An Edition, English Translation, and Analysis
Jesús Alvarado Eric Schatzberg 2007 We Welcomed Foreign Fabrics and We Were Left Naked: Cotton Textile Artisans and the First Debates on Free Trade versus National Industry in Mexico (1821-1846)
Rima D. Apple Ronald L. Numbers 1981 "How Shall I Feed My Baby?": Infant Feeding in the United States, 1870-1940
William B. Ashworth Jr. David Lindberg 1975 The Sense of the Past in English Scientific Thought of the Early 17th Century: The Impact of the Historical Revolution
Mitch Aso Richard Keller 2011 Forests without birds: A history of ecology and health on the rubber plantations of French colonial Vietnam, 1858-1954
William F. Aspray Jr. Victor Hilts 1980 From Mathematical Constructivity to Computer Science: Alan Turing, John Von Neumann, and the Origins of Computer Science in Mathematical Logic
Kellen Backer Eric Schatzberg Susan Johnson (History) 2012 World War II and the Triumph of Industrialized Food
Andy Albert Baker Jr. Aaron Ihde 1964 The Development of Understanding of Unsaturation in Organic Chemistry in the Nineteenth Century
Charles E. Bashaw David Lindberg 2001 Montaigne and the Skeptical Tradition
Meridith Beck Sayre Florence Hsia 2014 The Process of Conversion: A Biography of the Jesuit Relations
Stanley Leonard Becker Aaron Ihde 1968 The Emergence of a Trace Nutrient Concept Through Animal Feeding Experiments
Alex Berman George Urdang 1954 The Impact of the Nineteenth Century Botanico-Medical Movement on American Pharmacy and Medicine
Suzanne S. Boram Aaron Ihde 1964 A Preliminary Study of Fossils as Stratigraphic Indicators (1022-1820)
Charlotte G. Borst Judith W. Leavitt 1989 Catching Babies: The Change From Midwife to Physician-Attended Childbirth in Wisconsin, 1870-1930
Joan Lisa Bromberg Robert Cohen 1967 Maxwell's Concept of Electric Displacement
Joseph Edward Brown Marshall Clagett 1967 The Scientia De Ponderibus in the Later Middle Ages
Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra Victor Hilts 1995 Historical Criticism and the 'Dispute of the New World': The Reconstruction of the Amerindian Past in Europe and Mexico, 1750-1800
Eugene Cittadino William Coleman 1981 Plant Adaptation and Natural Selection After Darwin: Ecological Plant Physiology in the German Empire, 1880-1900
Daniel Arwin Clock William D. Stahlman 1964 A New British Concept of Algebra, 1825-1850
Albert B. Costa Aaron Ihde 1960 Michel Eugene Chevreul and the Chemistry of Fatty Oils
Michael J. Crowe Erwin Hiebert 1965 The History of the Idea of a Vectorial System to 1910
Charles A. Culotta Nikolaus Mani 1968 A History of Respiratory Theory: Lavoisier to Paul Bert, 1777-1880
Thomas Joseph Cunningham Marshall Clagett 1972 Book V of Euclid's Elements in the Twelfth Century: The Arabic-Latin Traditions
Vicki Daniel Judith A. Houck 2017 'Poor Remains of Humanity': Disaster and the Problem of Identification in the United States and Canada, 1889-1949
Edward E. Daub Erwin Hiebert 1966 Rudolph Clausius and the Nineteenth Century Theory of Heat
Roy Jose Decarvalho Victor Hilts 1988 A History of Humanistic Psychology
Robert Keith Dekosky Aaron Ihde 1972 The Scientific Work of Sir William Crookes
Ralph Drayton Michael H. Shank 2001 Medicine and Religion in Late Medieval Culture: The Case of Astrological Talismans at the University of Montpellier
Ollin Junior Drennan Erwin Hiebert 1961 Electrolytic Solution Theory: Foundations of Modern Thermodynamical Considerations
Garrett Droppers Marshall Clagett 1966 The Questiones De Spera of Nicole Oresme: Latin Text With English Translation, Commentary and Variants
David R. Dyck Robert Siegfried 1967 The Nature of Heat and Its Relationship to Chemistry in the Eighteenth Century
Steven Eardley Harold Cook 1998 Italian Miscellanies and the Refabrication of Rome: Humanist Collections and the Cult of Antiquity
Frank N. Egerton Robert Stauffer 1967 Observations and Studies of Animal Populations Before 1860: A Survey Concluding With Darwin's Origin of Species
Mark Edward Ehrlich David Lindberg 1992 Interpreting the Scientific Revolution: Robert Hooke on Mechanism and Activity
Paul Erickson Gregg Mitman 2006 The Politics of Game Theory: Mathematics and Cold War Culture
John M. Eyler Victor Hilts 1971 William Farr (1807-1883): An Intellectual Biography of a Social Pathologist
Fa-ti Fan Victor Hilts 1999 British Naturalists in China, 1760-1910
Evelyn Fine Judith W. Leavitt 2007 Pathways to Practice: Women Physicians in Chicago, 1850-1902
Bernard S. Finn Erwin Hiebert 1963 Developments in Thermoelectricity, 1850-1920
Nicholas Wortley Fisher Aaron Ihde 1970 The Taxonomic Background to the Structural Theory of Organic Chemistry
Libbie J. Freed Eric Schatzberg 2006 Conduits of Culture and Control: Roads, States, and Users in French Central Africa, 1890-1960
Hae-Gyung Geong Lynn K. Nyhart 1999 Exerting Control: Biology and Bureaucracy in the Development of American Entomology, 1870-1930
Stephen Louis George Aaron Ihde 1977 The Origins and Discovery of the First Nitrated Organic Explosives
Frederick William Gibbs Michael H. Shank 2009 Medical Understandings of Poison circa 1250-1600
Patrick Ralph Girard Daniel Siegel 1981 The Conceptual Development of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity
George David Goldat Marshall Clagett 1956 The Early Medieval Traditions of Euclid's Elements
Pamela Gossin David Lindberg 1989 Poetic Resolutions of Scientific Revolutions: Astronomy and the Literary Imaginations of Donne, Swift, and Hardy
Edward Grant Marshall Clagett 1957 The Mathematical Theory of Proportionality of Nicole Oresme (ca. 1320-1382)
John Leonard Greenberg Daniel Siegel 1979 Alexis Fontaine Des Bertins, Alexis-Claude Clairaut, Integral Calculus, and the Earth's Shape, 1730-1743: An Episode in the History of the Role of Mathematics in the Rise of Science
Theodore J. Greenfield Victor Hilts 1986 Variation, Heredity, and Scientific Explanation in the Evolutionary Theories of Four American Neo-Lamarckians, 1867-1897
Jean-Claude Daniel Roger Guédon Robert Siegfried 1974 The Still Life of a Transition: Chemistry in the Encyclopédie
Alice Aline Guimond Robert Stauffer 1966 The Honorable and Very Reverend William Herbert: Amaryllis Hybridizer and Amateur Biologist
Elizabeth A. Hachten William Coleman Judith W. Leavitt 1991 Science in the Service of Society: Bacteriology, Medicine, and Hygiene in Russia, 1855-1907
Elizabeth Victoria Haigh Nikolaus Mani 1973 Roots of the Vitalism of Xavier Bichat
Christopher Stone Hamlin Aaron Ihde 1982 What Becomes of Pollution? Adversary Science and the Controversy on the Self-Purification of Rivers in Britain, 1850-1900
David Hargreave Erwin Hiebert 1973 Thomas Young's Theory of Color Vision: It's Roots, Development, and Acceptance by the British Scientific Community
Jon M. Harkness Ronald L. Numbers 1996 Research Behind Bars: A History of Nontherapeutic Research on American Prisoners
Steven Harris David Lindberg 1988 Jesuit Ideology & Jesuit Science: Scientific Activity in the Society of Jesus 1540-1773
Robert Alan Hatch David Lindberg 1978 Ismaël Boulliau (1605-1694) Astronomer, Savant: An Inventory of the Collection Boulliau (BN, FF 13019-13059) with a Biographical Introduction
Gary C. Hatfield Victor Hilts 1979 Mind and Space from Kant to Helmholtz: The Development of the Empiristic Theory of Spatial Vision
Thomas William Hawkins Erwin Hiebert 1968 The Origins and Early Development of Lebesgue's Theory of Integration
Erwin N. Hiebert Marshall Clagett 1953 The Development of the Concept of Mechanical Work to 1750
Richard Frederic Hirsh Daniel Siegel 1979 Science, Technology, and Public Policy: The Case of X-Ray Astronomy, 1959 to 1972
Sheldon Hochheiser Aaron Ihde 1982 Synthetic Food Colors in the United States: A History Under Regulation
Judith A. Houck Judith W. Leavitt 1998 Common Experiences and Changing Meanings: Women, Medicine, and Menopause in the United States 1897-1980
Carolyn Iltis Erwin Hiebert 1967 The Controversy Over Living Force: Leibniz to DÁlembert
Shuntaro Ito Marshall Clagett 1963 The Medieval Latin Translation of the Data of Euclid
Reese Valmer Jenkins Aaron Ihde 1966 Some Interrelations of Science, Technology, and the Photographic Industry in the Nineteenth Century
Jeffrey M. Jentzen Ronald L. Numbers 2007 Death Investigation in America: Coroners, Medical Examiners, and the Pursuit of Medical Certainty
Diane O. Johnson Nikolaus Mani Aaron Ihde 1971 Edwin Broun Fred: Scientist, Administrator, Gentleman
Daniel Patrick Jones Aaron Ihde 1969 The Role of Chemists in Research on War Gases in the United States during World War I
Judith Kaplan Lynn K. Nyhart 2012 Language Science and Orientalism in Imperial Germany
Elizabeth Barnaby Keeney Ronald L. Numbers 1985 The Botanizers: Amateur Scientists in Nineteenth-Century America
Rebecca Brookfield Kinraide Thomas H. Broman 2006 The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge and the Democratization of Learning in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain
Tomomi Kinukawa Michael H. Shank 2001 Art Competes With Nature: Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717) and the Culture of Natural History
Ronald R. Kline Terry S. Reynolds 1983 Charles P. Steinmetz and the Development of Electrical Engineering Science
Sheldon Jerome Kopperl Aaron Ihde 1970 The Scientific Work of Theodore William Richards
Claudia Kren Marshall Clagett 1965 The Questiones Super De Celo of Nicole Oresme
Alan D. Krinsky Suzanne Desan 2001 Let Them Eat Horsemeat!: Science, Philanthropy, State, and the Search for Complete Nutrition in Nineteenth-Century France
Joshua Kevin Kundert Eric Schatzberg 2009 Fluid Technologies: Synthetic Fuels, Petroleum, and the American Political Context
Gisela Kutzbach Erwin Hiebert 1973 The Genesis of the Thermal Theory of Cyclones
Bernard Langer Robert Siegfried 1971 Pneumatic Chemistry, 1772-1789: A Resolution of Conflict
Edward John Larson Ronald L. Numbers 1984 Public Science v. Popular Opinion: The Creation-Evolution Legal Controversy
James M. Lattis David Lindberg 1989 Christopher Clavius and the Sphere of Sacrobosco: The Roots of Jesuit Astronomy on the Eve of the Copernican Revolution
Matthew B. Lavine Richard Staley 2008 A Cultural History of Radiation and Radioactivity in America, 1895-1945
Homer Eugene Le Grand Jr. Robert Siegfried 1970 Berthollet and the Oxygen Theory of Acidity
Susan Marie Lederer Ronald L. Numbers 1987 Human Experimentation and Antivivisection in Turn-of-the-Century America
Daniel Liu Lynn K. Nyhart 2016 Visions of Life and Matter: Protoplasm, Scientific Microscopy, and the Origins of Molecular Biology, 1839-1941
Robert Allyn Lovely Lynn K. Nyhart 1995 Mastering Nature's Harmony: Stephen Forbes and the Roots of American Ecology
Bruce Robert MacLaren David Lindberg 1978 A Critical Edition and Translation, With Commentary, of John Pecham's Tractatus De Sphera
Clifford Lawrence Maier Erwin Hiebert 1964 The Role of Spectroscopy in the Acceptance of an Internally Structured Atom, 1860-1920
Christina Matta Lynn K. Nyhart 2007 The Science of Small Things: The Botanical Context of German Bacteriology, 1830-1910
Stephen C. McCluskey Jr. David Lindberg 1974 Nicole Oresme on Light, Color, and the Rainbow: An Edition and Translation, with Introduction and Critical Notes, of Part of Book Three of His Questiones Super Quatuor Libros Meteororum
Craig Sean McConnell Daniel Siegel 2000 The Big Bang-Steady State Controversy: Cosmology in Public and Scientific Forums
John Francis McCue Marshall Clagett 1961 The Treatise De Proporcionibus Velocitatum in Motibus attributed to Nicholas Oresme
Robert James McRae Erwin Hiebert 1969 The Origin of the Conception of the Continuous Spectrum of Heat and Light
Phyllis Anderson Meyer Aaron Ihde 1983 The Last Per Se: The Delaney Cancer Clause in United States Food Regulation
Erika Lorraine Milam Gregg Mitman Lynn K. Nyhart 2006 Looking for a Few Good Males: Female Choice in Evolutionary Biology, 1915-1975
Gregg Alden Mitman William Coleman 1988 Evolution by Cooperation: Ecology, Ethics, and the Chicago School, 1910-1950
Bradley Moore Richard Keller David M. McDonald (History) 2013 Healthy Comrades: Czechoslovak Hygiene Services and the Pursuit of a Communist Modernity, 1948-1958
Albert Earl Moyer Daniel Siegel 1977 Conceptual Shifts in Late Nineteenth-Century American Physics
Donald F. Moyer Erwin Hiebert 1973 The Use of Dynamics as the Basis of Physical Theory by British Theoretical Physicists in the Latter Half of the Nineteenth Century
Gary Blair Nelson Ron Numbers 2013 ‘One Blood:’ Ethnology in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Science and the Popular Religious Press
Julie Renee Newell Ronald L. Numbers 1993 American Geologists and Their Geology: The Formation of the American Geological Community, 1780-1865
Arthur L. Norbert Daniel Siegel 1974 Simon Newcomb and Nineteenth-Century Positional Astronomy
Mary Jo Nye Erwin Hiebert 1970 Jean Perrin and Molecular Reality
Michael A. Osborne William Coleman 1987 The Société Zoologique D'Acclimatation and the New French Empire: The Science and Political Economy of Economic Zoology during the Second Empire
Robert J. Paradowski Aaron Ihde 1972 The Structural Chemistry of Linus Pauling
John Louis Parascandola Aaron Ihde 1968 Lawrence J. Henderson and the Concept of Organized Systems
Sarah K. A. Pfatteicher Ronald L. Numbers 1996 Death by Design: Ethics, Responsibility, and Failure in the American Civil Engineering Community, 1852-1986
Camilo Quintero Gregg Mitman 2007 Trading in Birds: A History of Science, Economy, and Conservation in U.S.-Columbia Relations
Megan Raby Gregg Mitman 2012 Making Biology Tropical: American Science in the Caribbean, 1898-1963
Lynnette Regouby Florence Hsia 2015 Sensitive Plant: The Physics of Botany in Eighteenth-century France
David A. Reid Thomas H. Broman 1999 Science and Pedagogy in the Dissenting Academies of Enlightenment Britain
Robert Alan Richardson Victor Hilts 1968 The Development of the Theory of Geographical Race Formation, Buffon to Darwin
Louise E. Robbins Thomas H. Broman Suzanne Desan (History) 1998 Elephant Slaves and Pampered Parrots: Exotic Animals and Their Meanings in Eighteenth-Century France
Kathleen M. Robinson Susan E. Lederer 2014 The Fat Acceptance Movement: Contesting Fatness as Illness, 1969-1998
Michael F. Robinson Lynn K. Nyhart 2002 The Coldest Crucible: Arctic Exploration and American Culture, 1859-1910
Alan Julian Rocke Aaron Ihde 1975 Origins of the Structural Theory in Organic Chemistry
Andrew Ruis Judith W. Leavitt 2011 Eating To Learn, Learning To Eat: School Meals And Nutrition Policy In The United States, 1900-1946
Brent J. Ruswick Victor Hilts 2006 Almost Progressive: The American Scientific Charity Movement's Reconsideration of Pauperism
Suzzanne Kathleen Boram Sabbagh Aaron Ihde 1964 A Preliminary Study of Fossils as Stratigraphic Indicators (1022-1820)
Alison Deborah Sandman Michael H. Shank 2001 Cosmographers vs. Pilots: Navigation, Cosmography, and the State in Early Modern Spain
Richard Clark Sawyer Ronald L. Numbers 1990 To Make a Spotless Orange: Biological Control in California
Ronald C. Sawyer Michael MacDonald Guenter Risse 1986 Patients, Healers, and Disease in the Southeast Midlands, 1597-1634
Virginia Mae Schelar Robert Siegfried 1969 Protein Digestion, The Protein Requirement in Nutrition and Food Additives: The Contribution of Russell H. Chittenden
Rennie B. Schoepflin Ronald L. Numbers 1995 Lives on Trial: Christian Science Healers in Progressive America
Susan F. Schultz Victor Hilts 1976 Thomas C. Chamberlin: An Intellectual Biography of a Geologist and Educator
Jonathan Seitz Michael H. Shank 2006 Natural or Supernatural? Witchcraft, inquisition and views of nature at the dawn of the Scientific Revolution
Jole Shackelford David Lindberg 1989 Paracelsianism in Denmark and Norway in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Mark H. Shale Victor Hilts 1987 The Bio-Psychological Foundation of Social Behavior: Instinct and Sentiment in the Hormic Psychology of William McDougall
Philip S. Shoemaker Ronald L. Numbers 1991 Stellar Impact: Ormsby Macknight Mitchell and Astronomy in Antebellum America
Robert Siegfried Robert Stauffer 1952 A Study of Chemical Research Publications From the United States Before 1880
Hugh Richard Slotten Ronald L. Numbers 1991 Patronage, Politics, and Practice in Nineteenth-Century American Science: Alexander Dallas Bache and the United States Coast Survey
Henry Gilbert Small Erwin Hiebert 1971 The Helium Atom in the Old Quantum Theory
Albert Mark Smith David Lindberg 1976 Witelo on the Principles of Reflection
Emilie Savage Smith Nikolaus Mani 1969 Galen on Nerves, Veins and Arteries: A Critical Edition and Translation from the Arabic, with Notes, Glossary and an Introductory Essay
Thomas M. Smith Marshall Clagett 1954 The De Configuratione of Nicole Oresme
Mark Solovey Victor Hilts 1996 The Politics of Intellectual Identity and American Social Science, 1945-1970
Glenn Sonnedecker George Urdang 1952 American Pharmaceutical Education Before 1900
James Brookes Spencer Erwin Hiebert 1964 An Historical Investigation of the Zeeman Effect (1896-1913)
Peter Stechl Glenn Sonnedecker 1969 Biological Standardization of Drugs Before 1928
Nicholas H. Steneck David Lindberg 1970 The Problem of the Internal Senses in the Fourteenth Century
Ernst Walter Stieb Glenn Sonnedecker 1959 Controlling Drug Adulteration in England, 1820-1906
Rodney Lee Stiling Ronald L. Numbers 1991 The Diminishing Deluge: Noah's Flood in Nineteenth-Century American Thought
Anthony Nicholas Stranges Robert Siegfried 1977 The Electron Theory of Valence: 1900-1925
Elaine Condouris Stroud David Lindberg 1983 Thomas Hobbes' A Minute or First Draught of the Optiques: A Critical Edition
Roger H. Stuewer Erwin Hiebert 1968 The History of the Compton Effect
Andrew Stuhl Gregg Mitman 2013 Empires on Ice: Science, Nature, and the Making of the Arctic
Peter Susalla Richard Staley 2013 The Last Dim Horizon: Scientific Cosmology in Twentieth-century America
John Patrick Swann John Parascandola 1985 The Emergence of Cooperative Research Between American Universities and the Pharmaceutical Industry, 1920-1940
Michael Tang Victor Hilts 1975 Intellectual Context of John Wilkin's Essay Towards a Real Character and a Philosophical Language
Philip Martin Teigen David Lindberg 1976 Richard Seymer's Golden Workes of Phisecke & Surgury (ca. 1576): An Edition With Introduction and Glossary
Wilfred Robert Theisen David Lindberg 1972 The Mediæval Tradition of Euclid's Optics
Daniel Patrick Thurs Ronald L. Numbers 2004 Science in Popular Culture: Contested Meanings and Cultural Authority in America, 1832-1994
Thaddeus Joseph Trenn Erwin Hiebert 1971 The Rise and Early Development of the Disintegration Theory of Radioactivity
Scott Trigg Michael H. Shank Michael Chamberlain (History) 2016 From Samarqand to Istanbul: Astronomy and Scientific Education in the commentaries of Fatḥallāh al-Shirwānī
Victor Anthony Triolo Aaron Ihde Gernot B. Rath 1962 Systems of Renal Physiology Before Malpighi
Charles Henry Trottman Aaron Ihde 1972 Edwin Bret Hart: Agricultural Chemist
Arleen Tuchman William Coleman 1985 Science, Medicine, and the State: The Institutionalization of Scientific Medicine at the University of Heidelberg
Sabetai Unguru David Lindberg 1970 Witelo As a Mathematician: A Study in XIIIth Century Mathematics Including a Critical Edition and English Translation of the Mathematical Book of Witelo's Perspectiva
A. Bowdoin Van Riper Victor Hilts 1990 Discovering Prehistory: Geology, Archaeology, and the Human Antiquity Problem in Mid-Victorian Britain
Walter J. Vanast Ronald L. Numbers 1996 Arctic Bodies, Frontier Souls: Missionaries and Medical Care in the Canadian North, 1896-1926
William Glenn Vandervliet Robert Stauffer 1967 The Nineteenth-Century Spontaneous-Generation Controversy As a Stimulus to Microbiological Progress in the 1870's
Stephen E. Wald Ronald L. Numbers 2008 Minds Divided: Science, Spirituality, and the Split Brain in American Thought
Karen L. Walloch Judith W. Leavitt 2007 "A Hot-Bed of the Anti-Vaccine Heresy": Opposition to Compulsory Vaccination in Boston and Cambridge, 1890-1905
Hsiu-yun Wang Victor Hilts 2003 Stranger Bodies: Women, Gender, and Missionary Medicine in China, 1870s-1930s
Patricia Spain Ward Ronald L. Numbers 1990 Simon Baruch: Rebel in the Ranks of Medicine, 1840-1921
Warren Zachary Watson William Stahlman 1969 An Historical Analysis of the Theoretical Solutions to the Problem of the Advance of the Perihelion of Mercury
Stephen Prugh Weldon Ronald L. Numbers 1997 The Humanist Enterprise From John Dewey to Carl Sagan: A Study of Science and Religion in American Culture
Frederick Andrew White Erwin Hiebert 1959 Significant Contributions of American Industrial Research Laboratories in the Development of Analytical Instruments for the Physical Sciences 1900-1950
James C. Whorton Aaron Ihde 1969 Insecticide Residues on Foods As a Public Health Problem: 1865-1938
Amrys Williams Gregg Mitman 2012 Cultivating Modern America: 4-H Clubs and Rural Development in the Twentieth Century
Leonard G. Wilson Robert Stauffer 1958 Theories of Respiration in the Seventeenth Century
Shannon K. Withycombe Judith A. Houck 2010 Slipped Away: Pregnancy Loss in Nineteenth-Century America
Amos Bruce Wrightsman William Stahlman 1970 Andreas Osiander and Lutheran Contributions to the Copernican Revolution
Joella Gerstmeyer Yoder David Lindberg 1985 Christiaan Huygens' Theory of Evolutes: The Background to the Horologium Oscillatorium
Anna Zeide Gregg Mitman 2014 In Cans We Trust: Food, Consumers, and Scientific Expertise in Twentieth-Century America
Jack Peter Zetterberg David Lindberg 1976 "Mathematicall Magick" in England: 1550-1650