Claire Taylor Awarded an H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship

Claire Taylor headshowProfessor Claire Taylor has been awarded an H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship. The Romnes Fellowship recognize faculty with exceptional research contributions within their first six years from promotion to a tenured position. The award is named in recognition of the late WARF trustees president H.I. Romnes.

“My current main project is a feminist economic history of the ancient Greek world. Typically, women’s experiences are either ignored or viewed in limited terms within ancient economic history and economic actors are usually conceptualized as male, and so this is a history that assumes the default historical actor is a (non-elite) woman and forefronts the economic structures that created and sustained ancient inequalities. Drawing on feminist economics and gender history, the book intends to provide a new ancient economic history by grounding economic processes in the everyday activities of non-elite people, the evidence for whom is difficult to find and challenging to interpret.”

Professor Taylor is John W. & Jeanne M. Rowe Chair of Ancient Greek History and Associate Professor in the Department of History. Her research focuses on the social, economic, and political lives of non-elite people in the ancient Greek world; she is the author of Poverty, Wealth, and Well-Being: Experiencing Penia in Democratic Athens.