Retirement Celebration in Honor of Professor Emeritus William Cronon

Bill Cronon portraitThis Saturday, April 30th, Professor Emeritus William Cronon will be back on the UW-Madison campus to participate in “Common Places: Keywords for a More Than Human World,” a day-long conference organized by his former PhD students that will double as a belated retirement celebration. As part of the conference, Cronon will deliver a keynote address titled, “Looking Back on a Long Journey: People, Places, and Stories.” In this keynote, Professor Cronon will give us a sense of his path-breaking research in environmental history and the central role that storytelling plays in how he conceptualizes his work. The keynote can be viewed in person at the Discovery Building or online. Registration is required to attend the keynote as well as the conference.

More details about the conference are available on the event page, and at L&S News. The conference has been organized by Karl Jacoby, Allan Nevins Professor of American History at Columbia University, and Susan Lee Johnson, Harry Reid Endowed Chair for the History of the Intermountain West at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. It is sponsored by UW-Madison’s Department of History, the Nelson Institute, the Center for History, Culture, and Environment (CHE), and UW-Madison’s Department of Geography.

Those who wish to make a gift in Cronon’s honor may direct their donations toward the Department of History Annual Fund, the Department of Geography Fund, or the Nelson Institute Culture, History, and Environment Fund.