Graduate Student Jeffrey Guarneri Appears on Podcast

Jeffrey Guarneri headshotOn a recent episode of The “What is Asia?” Podcast, UW-Madison graduate student Jeffrey Guarneri is featured talking about “Constructed Images of Nagasaki in 1930s Japan.” Guarneri discusses the images of Nagasaki that were constructed through popular media by business elites in order to strengthen and maintain their position as an important center of overseas trade, which the Great Depression and the collapsing international order, as well as friction between localism, nationalism, and internationalism, had threatened to undercut.

Jeffrey Guarneri is a PhD student in East Asian History, specializing in the history of modern Japan and the cultural, infrastructural, and spatial histories of Japan’s port cities in global contexts. His dissertation will focus on how issues of international commerce and domestic political economy shaped ideas of global citizenship in port cities during the social, political, and economic crises in Japan and the international system of the 1930s.

Watch and listen to the podcast episode on YouTube.