Oral History Interview with Jane Williams

Jane WIlliams headshotThe George Mosse Program in History has recently featured on their blog an oral history interview with Jane Williams, the former graduate admissions coordinator for our Department of History. Jane started the position in 1988 and retired in 2014. Her interview with John Tortorice, conducted in May of 2014, shows a unique perspective on the institutional history and department culture through several decades of studying and working at UW-Madison. During her time on the staff, Jane made a significant and lasting impression on the department and the university. In the November 2006 History Department Newsletter, it was announced that “Jane Williams, who performs such a vital role in graduate admissions and fellowships coordination, as well as Timetable management, received a very well deserved Classified Staff Excellence Award from the College of Letters and Science.”

Reflecting on her time in the department, Jane says: “Yeah, it’s been very interesting. An interesting job. I’ve really enjoyed working with the people. A lot of the faculty, I just find delightful. I think probably would have found the older faculty, from when I first started, delightful, too. But there was that gap. Some of the staff that I work with I just adore. Some of the former staff, just happy not to see them again. (laughs) Yeah, I have a lot of memories. A lot of memories. But I’m saving them for my book. (laughs)”

Listen to the interview and read the full transcript at the George L. Mosse Program in History.