Graduate Student Jennifer Stitt Publishes Personal Essay on COVID-19

Jennifer StittGrad student Jennifer Stitt has published a personal essay on COVID-19 in Guernica, an online magazine dedicated to global arts and politics. The article is titled “Will COVID-19 Strengthen our Bonds?: Living with Chronic Illness in the Midst of a Pandemic Requires a New Map.” A thoughtful, personal piece about Stitt’s journey through life, a PhD program, and COVID-19 whilst struggling with a compromised immune system, the article highlights the importance of solidarity in staying at home during the current pandemic. In Stitt’s own words “People like me, who are at a higher risk of infection and death from COVID-19, depend on others to make smart, science-based daily decisions in order to protect not just themselves and their families, but also the wider population. We depend on healthy people to stay home if they can, to wear masks, to not gather or stand close. I depend on you.”

To read essay, see Guernica.