History Department Colloquium – Spring 2016

Event PosterAll events in Curti Lounge from 11:50-1:20 pm.

  • Monday, February 29th
    “Movies, Protest, & Gender in South Korea’s Sixties”
    Dr. Charles Kim
  • Monday, March 28th
    “A Fisherman’s Death in Riau: Gender, Authority, & mobility from the Mediterranean to the S. China Sea”

    Anthony Medrano
    History PhD Candidate
  • “A Frenchwoman’s Scandal in Beirut: Complicating Notions of French Paternal Protection”
    John Boonstra
    History PhD Candidate
  • Monday, May 2nd
    Historical Copenhagen
    Dr. Pernille IpsenRace and Diaspora
    Jeanne Essame
    History PhD candidate