Colloquium Series – Appropriations: Collecting for Science

September 2010

In association with this year’s “Go Big Read” book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, the History of Science Department Colloquium Series will examine diverse perspectives on the nature and implications of appropriations in science. All talks are open to the public.

Colloquia for Fall 2010:

September 28 – Ruth Richardson (Hong Kong University, University of Cambridge), “Human Bodies & Their Parts: Appropriations & Donations from Bodysnatching to Transplants”

October 5 – Dominique Tobell (University of Minnesota), “Circulating Knowledge, Appropriating Capital: Building the Pharma-Medical Complex in Post-War America”

November 2 – Helen Tilley (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Appropriation, Exchange, or Entanglements? Studying the History of African Colonialism, Decolonization, and the Codification of ‘Traditional Medicine’”

November 30 – Hannah Landecker (University of California, Los Angeles), “An Image is Worth a Thousand Dollars: Pictures of Human Matter in the Visual Culture Industry”

Colloquia for Spring 2011:

February 8 – Mitch Aso (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “The ‘Vietnamization’ of Rubber: Appropriating French Colonial Science in Postcolonial Vietnam”

March 22 – Pilar Ossorio (University of Wisconsin-Madison), “Appropriating Research Data and Medical Information”

March 29 – Bruno Strasser (Yale University), “Collecting Experiments: The New Production of Biomedical Knowledge”

April 19 – Nicholas Dew (McGill University), “Weight in the Tropics: French Expeditions and the Globalization of Science, c. 1670-c. 1740”