All History of Science Department Events for Spring 2007

January 26 (Friday) at Noon

Christina Matta and Richard Staley, UW-Madison
“A Graduate Student’s Guide to Publishing.”

February 2 (Friday) at Noon

Kellen Backer, UW-Madison

February 8 (Thursday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Naomi Oreskes, University of California, San Diego
“Opportunities and Opportunism: How Cold War Military Oceanographers Tried (and Failed) to Become Environmental Scientists Who Would Resolve the Question of Global Warming.”
Location: 8417 Social Science

February 9 (Friday) at Noon

Leah DeVun, UW-Madison, Institute for Research in the Humanities
“Cures and Creations: Surgery and Intersex Bodies in the Middle Ages.”

February 16 (Friday) at Noon

Warwick Anderson, UW-Madison
“Racial Laboratories and Reproductive Frontiers: The Twentieth-Century Sciences of Race-Mixing in the Pacific.”

February 19 (Monday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Susan Reverby, Wellesley College
“Testifying on Tuskegee: Telling the Tuskegee Syphilis Study Stories.”
Location: 6240 Social Science

February 23 (Friday) at Noon

Bridget Collins, UW-Madison
“The Sleeping Porch: From the Sanatorium to Better Homes and Gardens.”

February 28 (Wednesday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Matthew Lavine, UW-Madison
“That Healthy Glow: Patient Perspectives on Early Medical Applications of Radium and X-rays.”
Location: 6240 Social Science

March 2 (Friday) at Noon

Rick Keyser, UW-Madison, Institute for Research in the Humanities
“Sustainable Woodland Management in Medieval France.”

March 9 (Friday) at Noon

Jane Camerini, UW-Madison
“Tent Colony Chronicle.”

March 16 (Friday) at Noon

Amrys Williams, Christina Matta, Mitch Aso, UW-Madison
“Cultures and Cultivation.”

March 21 (Wednesday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Blair Nelson, UW-Madison
“Religious Writers, Scientific Reputations, and the Race Debate: Religious Assessments of American Polygenists, 1849-1874.”
Location: 6240 Social Science

March 23 (Friday) at Noon

Abby Kinchy, PhD candidate, Sociology, UW-Madison
“African Americans in the Atomic Age: Perspectives on the Bomb, 1945-1955.”

March 30 (Friday) at Noon

Lynn Nyhart, UW-Madison
“What Could Anyone Possibly Say About Darwin That’s New.”

April 11 (Wednesday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Karen Walloch, UW-Madison
“‘A Trying Ordeal at Best’: Anxiety About Vaccination During the 1901-1902 Smallpox Epidemic.”
Location: 6240 Social Science

May 2 (Wednesday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Robert A. Nye, Oregon State University
“Why Sex is Gender (Again).”
Location: 6240 Social Science

May 4 (Friday) at Noon

Bridget Collins, Mitch Aso, Kellen Backer, UW-Madison
“Minors, Joint Majors, and Courses Taken Outside the Department.”

May 11 (Friday) at Noon

Town Meeting