All History of Science Department Events for Fall 2007

September 7 (Friday) at Noon

Introductions and Planning

September 12 (Wednesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Ann Blair, Harvard University
“Managing Information in Big Books, 1500-1700.”
Location: 6104 Social Science

September 14 (Friday) at Noon

Claire Wendland, UW-Madison
“Politics, history and medicine in post-Banda Malawi.”

September 21 (Friday) at Noon

Daniel Siegel, UW-Madison
“Isaacson on Einstein: The Annus Mirabilis and All That.”

September 26 (Wednesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Jonathan Sadowsky, Case Western Reserve University
“The History of a Side Effect: Electroconvulsive Therapy and Memory Loss, 1938 to the Present.”
Location: 6104 Social Science

September 28 (Friday) at Noon

Amrys Williams, UW-Madison
“Head, Heart, Hands and Health: 4H Ecology and Conservation in Wisconsin, 1930-1950.”

October 5 (Friday) at Noon

Ted Davis, Messiah College
“Robert Andrews Millikan (1863-1953): His Religious Life and Thought.”

October 10 (Wednesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Alison Winter, University of Chicago
“Movies in the Brain: Wilder Penfield ane the Sciences of Remembering in the Mid-Twentieth Century.”
Location: 6104 Social Science

October 12 (Friday) at Noon

Faculty/Graduate Panel
“NSF Funding: Experiences and Perspecives.”

October 19 (Friday) at Noon

Jocelyn Bosley and David Meshoulam, UW-Madison
“All I Really Need to Know About the History of Science I Learned in Middle School.”

October 26 (Friday) at Noon

Gregg Mitman, UW-Madison
“Introduction to the Tales from Planet Earth Film Festival.”

October 31 (Wednesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Efthymios Nicolaidis, Director of Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation; Secretary General of the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science/Division of History of Science and Technology
“Science and Eastern Orthodoxy: Some Historical Perspectives.”
Location: 6104 Social Science

November 2 (Friday) at Noon

HSS meeting, Arlington, VA
No Brown Bag

November 9 (Friday) at Noon

Matthew Smith, University of Exeter
“Witchcraft, Fad or Racket: A Pre-peanut History of Food Allergy.”

November 16 (Friday) at Noon

Eric Boyle, University of Exeter
“Promising Cures and Conjuring Science: The Direct Marketing of Drugs to American Doctors in the Early Twentieth Century.”

November 23 (Friday) at Noon

No Brown Bag

November 30 (Friday) at Noon

Lynn Nyhart and Peter Susalla, UW-Madison
“Kids these days: teaching the ‘millenial generation’.”

December 5 (Wednesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Frederick Gibbs, UW-Madison
“The venomes doo preserve from diseases’: Concepts and Categories of Poison in the Late Middle Ages.”
Location: 6104 Social Science

December 7 (Friday) at Noon

Sejal Patel, Robert Wood Johnson Fellow, Population Health Sciences
“The Community and the Individual in American Medical Research: The Roseto Study in Historical Perspective.”

December 14 (Friday) at Noon

Town Meeting