All History of Science Department Events for Fall 2006

September 8 (Friday) at Noon

Introductions and Planning

September 11 (Monday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Shigehisa Kuriyama, Harvard University
“The Life of Money and the Afflictions of the Body.”
Location: 8417 Social Science

September 15 (Friday) at Noon

Linda Hogle, UW-Madison
“Everything you always wanted to know about STS at the UW, but were afraid to ask.”

September 22 (Friday) at Noon

Rosalind Hearder, UW-Madison
“This war never ends: medical and psychological legacies of Japanese captivity for Allied POWs after 1945.”

September 30 (Saturday) at Noon

Daniel O’Connor, UW-Madison
“Are transsexuals magic? Transsexuality and the technology of history.”

October 6 (Friday) at Noon

Gail Schmitt, Princeton University
“Modeling Cytoplasmic Inheritance: The Debate between Ruth Sager and Nicholas Gillham.”

October 11 (Wednesday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Jim Jones, Author of Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
“The Agony of Hope: The Decision to Put David in the Bubble.”
Location: 6102 Social Science

October 13 (Friday) at Noon

Ronald Numbers, UW-Madison
“The Twenty-Five Greatest Myths in the History of Science and Religion.”

October 20 (Friday) at Noon

Judith Helfand, New York University (NYU)
“When Toxic Comedy becomes a necessary genre you know you’re in trouble: Translating the gruesome realities and un-BELIEVABILITIES of our time into subversive cinema and laugh out loud activist propaganda (with foot notes).”
Meeting in conjunction with the Environmental History Colloquium.

October 25 (Wednesday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Amy Bix, Iowa State
“Technical Knockout: America’s ‘Engineering, Science, and Management War Training Program’ of the 1940s.”
Location: 6102 Social Science

October 27 (Friday) at Noon

Peter Susalla, UW-Madison
“Conflict or Consensus? The Neglected Middle Ground Between ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Astronomy, 1890-1910.”

November 3 (Friday) at Noon

Jon Roberts, Boston University
“The Long War between Theologians and Psychologists in America, 1830-1940.”

November 10 (Friday) at Noon

Steve Paulson, Wisconsin Public Radio
“Science vs. Religion: What’s Really at Stake in this Debate.”

November 15 (Wednesday) at 3:45 pm

Colloquium: Jesus Alvarado, UW-Madison
“Weaving Mexican History: Cotton Textile Artisans and Political Economy.”
Location: 6102 Social Science

November 17 (Friday) at Noon

Gregg Mitman, UW-Madison
“Great White Hunting: Confronting Issues of Race, Science, and Conservation on Film.”

November 24 (Friday) at Noon

No Brown Bag

November 29 (Wednesday) at 3:30 pm

Medical History and Bioethics Brown Bag: Rebecca Edwards, Rochester Institute of Technology<
“Cochlear Implants and College Protests: How History Illuminates Current Struggles in the Deaf Community.”
Location: 1490 Medical Sciences Center

November 30 (Thursday) at 4:00 pm

Mellon Seminar: Rebecca Edwards, Rochester Institute of Technology
“The Death of Deaf Culture or a Biomedical Miracle? Cochlear Implants in Historical Perspective.”
Location: 6191 Helen C. White Hall

December 1 (Friday) at Noon

Kellen Backer, Fred Gibbs, Andrew Ruis, and Amrys Williams, UW-Madison
“Food Forum.”

December 8 (Friday) at Noon

Gabriela Soto-Laveaga, UCSB; Ford Foundation Fellow, UW-Madison
“Hunting for Molecules, Finding Rebellion: Mexican Peasants and Global Quest for Steroid Hormones, 1949-1989.”

December 13 (Wednesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Jeff Jentzen, UW-Madison
“The American Death Investigation System: Coroners, Medical Examiners, and the Search for Medical Certainty.”
Location: 6102 Social Science

December 15 (Friday) at Noon

Town Meeting