The Certificate in History

For Spring 2022, Undergraduate History Advising will be done through both remote and in-person appointments.  Students wishing to discuss or declare the History Certificate should use Starfish to set up an appointment with one of our peer advisors, Isabelle Cook or Jack Halverson.

Beginning in Fall 2020, the History Department will offer a 15-credit undergraduate Certificate in History. The certificate is built around the methodological core of History 201, provides students with flexibility to pursue their interests, and offers students four different types of capstone course options, drawn from both History and History of Science. The certificate will offer students a substantive education in history while helping them develop valuable transferable skills. For more information on the requirements of the History Certificate, please see the UW-Madison Guide.

If you have questions about the Certificate or would like to declare it, please set up a remote appointment with Isabelle Cook or Holly Defnet through our Starfish page.  For quick questions about the Certificate in History, you can also email us at