Yuji Xu

Email: yuji.xu@wisc.edu

Advisor: Viren Murthy

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My research focuses on the intellectual and cultural history of late imperial China, particularly, Chinese literati writings of Asia; the role of India played in the late Qing revolution; and the entanglement between Buddhism and revolution in modern China.

In obtaining my first master’s degree in modern Chinese literature and culture in Hong Kong, I had delved into Manchukuo writer Gu Ding and his novels by employing Pan-Asianism and Takeuchi Yoshimi’s narratives of revolutionary subjectivity and self-negation. Then I have specifically explored the tensions between the Confucian ideology “Kingly Way” and the modern capitalist (re)distribution in Manchukuo and between the sentimental rhetoric and empire’s conquest of surplus value, which constituted my second master’s degree thesis in the field of modern Chinese political and intellectual history.


M.Phil., Chinese Culture, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2020
M.A., Chinese Culture, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Distinction, 2017
Exchange, Theatre Arts, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, 2013
B.A., Literature of Theater, Film & TV, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications, Honors, 2015


  • East Asian History

MA Title

  • “Misread Meiji Japan, Overcome Republican China: Rethinking Zheng Xiaoxu’s Political Philosophy.”

Selected Publications

Research Articles & Book Chapters

  • “製造稚感、重塑日常:論西西詩歌中的香港「抒/書」情 (Making the childishness and reshaping everyday life: on lyricizing Hong Kong in Xi Xi’s poetry).” 方圓: 文學及文化專 刊 O-Square: Literary and Cultural Journal 15, (Winter 2022): 174-209.
  • Written with Dechun Zhang. “When Nationalism Encounters the COVID-19 Pandemic: Understanding Chinese Nationalism From Media Use and Media Trust.” Global Society 37, no. 2 (2023): 176-196.
  • “虹口的芥川龍之介 (Ryūnosuke Akutagawa in Hongkew).” In 虹口源 (Hongkew origin), edited by Li Tiangang and Wang Qiyuan, 148-159. Shanghai: Shanghai People’s Press, 2021.
  • “地方史書寫的可能與實踐——兼評《保釐雲間》與上海地方 (The possibility and practice in writing local history: on Baoli yunjian and Shanghai).” 上海地方志 Shanghai Chronicles, no.1 (2021): 76-79.
  • “看見/不見的聲與日常流動的景:另一種重構中國公園文化的可能 (The in/visible voice and the landscape of everyday mobility: another approach to reconstruct the public park culture in China).” 思逸 Siyi Journal, no. 5 (2017): 13-15.
  • “空間、日常與節慶:「模擬」時空裂縫中的都市檔案——論董啟章的《V 城繁勝錄》中的香港想象 (Space, everyday life, and festival: making urban archive in the time-space hiatus — on the vision of Hong Kong in Dong Qizhang’s Visible Cities).” 關東學刊 Guandong Journal, no. 12 (2016): 51-58.

Book Reviews and Review Articles

  • “Guanyin as Mediation: A New Study of Women’s Buddhist Devotion in Late Imperial China.” Studies in Chinese Religions 9, no.1 (2023): 99-108.
  • “白話文的軟肋:評《紫羅蘭的魅影:周瘦鵑與上海文學文化,1911-1949 (Vernacular Chinese’s Achilles heel: On The enchanting shadow of the Violet—Zhou Shoujuan and Shanghai literary culture, 1911-1949).” 二十一世紀 Twenty-First Century, no.187 (2021):150-158.

Other Scholarly Writings

Selected Awards

  • Outstanding Academic Performance Award for Research Degree Students, 2022/23 (City University of Hong Kong)
  • Outstanding Academic Performance Award for Research Degree Students, 2021/22 (City University of Hong Kong)
  • Master of Arts in Chinese Culture Scholarship, 2016/17 (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Outstanding Graduates Honours Recipient of Zhejiang Province, 2015 (Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, China)
  • Outstanding Graduates Honours Recipient, 2015 (Zhejiang University of Media and Communications)
  • Merit Student, 2014 (Zhejiang University of Media and Communications)
  • Outstanding Student Award, the School of Arts, 2014 (Zhejiang University of Media and Communications)
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, 2013(Zhejiang University of Media and Communications)

Courses Taught as TA

City University of Hong Kong

  • CAH 3853, Contemporary China from an Anthropological Perspective (Spring 2022)
  • CAH 5711, Essential Concepts in Chinese Language (Fall 2021 & Fall 2020)
  • CAH 5622, Selected Readings in Chinese Language and Literature (Spring 2021)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • CC1C07P, Chinese Customs and Rituals (Summer 2019)
  • CC1C30P, Exploring Chinese Culture [Nanjing] (Summer 2019)
  • CC214, Aspects of Chinese Culture (Fall 2017)
  • CC5901, Essentials of Chinese Culture (Fall 2017)
  • FH 1001, Freshman Seminar in Language, Culture and Communication (Fall 2016)