Nicolas Rueda Rey

Position title: History Lab


Advisor: Elizabeth Hennessy

Mailbox: 4031 Mosse Humanities Building

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 I am Nicolás Felipe Rueda Rey, a Colombian historian interested in the socio-cultural and environmental history of tobacco. My approach to this topic is global, local, and regional, and my methodological perspectives include different ways of ethnographic and archival research. My current project has two branches: the agro-industrial dynamic in the Eastern Colombian Andes and the Tobacco Botanical Expeditions of The Botanical Garden at Berkley all over the Andes. With these cases, I wonder how industrial capitalism has shaped the socio-cultural and environmental dynamics of some of the Andean regions in the 20th century. I am developing this project from my Ph.D. program at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the United States.


  • Latin American and Caribbean History

Selected Publications