Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

Position title: Merle Curti and Vilas-Borghesi Distinguished Achievement Professor of History


Phone: 608.890.1340

Office: 4112 Mosse Humanities
Mailbox: 4023 Mosse Humanities
Office Hours: TBA


My specialization is U.S. intellectual and cultural history. My research and teaching interests include the history of philosophy, political and social theory, religion, literature, and the visual arts; the transatlantic flow of intellectual and cultural movements; print culture; and cultural studies. I teach a range of courses on U.S. thought and culture, and intellectual and cultural history from a transnational perspective.


Ph.D., Brandeis University
B.A., University of Rochester


Selected Publications

  • “American Dreaming 3.0,” Aeon (May 2017)
  • “A Mind of One’s Own,” Dissent (Fall 2015)
  • “Anti-Intellectualism as Romantic Discourse” (Daedalus, Spring 2009).
  • “Conventional Iconoclasm: The Cultural Work of the Nietzsche Image in Twentieth-Century America” (Journal of American History, December 2006).
  • “‘Dionysian Enlightenment’: Walter Kaufmann’s Nietzsche in Historical Perspective” (Modern Intellectual History, August 2006).

Advisor To

History Courses

  • History 102 – U.S. History, Civil War to the Present – Syllabus 2011 (pdf)
  • History 201 – A History of Your Parents’ Generation, 1970-90s
  • History 221 – Explorations in American History: “Ideas and Culture in 19th Century America”
  • History 221 – Explorations in American History: “The Cultural and Intellectual History of Your Parents’ Generation (1970s-’90s)” Syllabus 2018 (pdf)
  • History 300 – Madison Intellectual Life
  • History 302 – History of American Thought, 1859 to the Present – Syllabus 2011 (pdf)
  • History 600 – Emerson, Nietzsche, & American Culture – Syllabus 2009 (pdf)
  • History 600 – Public Intellectuals in the U.S. – Syllabus 2008 (pdf)
  • History 600 – African-American Intellectual History – Syllabus 2011 (pdf)
  • History 901 – Studies in American History: “U.S. Intellectual and Cultural History”
  • History 951 – U.S. Intellectual & Cultural History: Literature of the Field- Syllabus 2009 (pdf)