Kacie Lucchini Butcher

Position title: Public History Project Director

Email: klbutcher@wisc.edu

Phone: 608.890.3037

Office: 5218 Mosse Humanities Bldg.
Mailbox: 5027 Mosse Humanities Bldg.
Public History Project

Kacie Lucchini-Butcher headshot


I am a public historian. My work is dedicated to building empathy, helping communities write their history, and to advancing social justice and social equity.

I have worked in museums and for community organizations, helping communities reclaim their narratives through collaborative public history projects. I have experience engaging marginalized communities through historical partnerships, creating and sustaining community-centered archives, and producing historical research that foregrounds social justice. My previous projects have focused on how history is connected to the present, in efforts to explore/question systems of inequity and oppression.

Previously, I co-curated Owning Up: Racism and Housing in Minneapolis which explores the history of racist housing policy and its lasting effects. The exhibit was awarded the National Council for Public History 2019 Student Project Award and the American Association for State and Local History 2019 Award of Excellence. I was also awarded the Josie R. Johnson Human Rights and Social Justice Award from the University of Minnesota’s Office of Equity & Diversity in 2018.

My professional research is focused on race in 20th century United States, primarily housing inequity, urban planning, and highway construction. I also specialize in architectural history and I am interested in the ways that race, class, and gender are embedded into the built environment. My personal research interests include the United States Postal Service, secret societies, retro-futurism, and women’s labor history.

I graduated in 2018 with a Masters degree in Heritage Studies & Public History from the University of Minnesota.

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