James Flynn

Email: jrflynn2@wisc.edu

Advisor: Charles Kim

James Flynn


I’m an East Asian historian and Koreanist. My research has centered on postwar Korea, focusing on labor, class formation, and social activism amidst the “miracle” of its rapid industrial development.

Before arriving to the history department of UW-Madison, I had been a long term resident of Korea, beginning with a stint as an English Instructor and culminating in my graduation from Yonsei University. I am excited to be working with my adviser, Prof. Charles Kim, along with other East Asian History faculty and graduate students, and look forward to integrating their insights into an expansive view of my own topic and its relation to regional history.


M.A., Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea), 2019


  • East Asian History

MA Title

  • “From Reform to Revolution: Labor and Its Position in Korea’s Democratization Movement, 1979-1983”

Selected Publications

  • “Class Cleavages and the Developmental State: The Labor Movement in Yusin Korea.” Marŭk’ŭsŭjuŭi yŏn’gu 15, no. 1 (February 2018): 283-310
  • “Industrial Peace in Japan.” Yonsei Journal of International Studies 10, no. 2 (Fall/Winter 2018): 149-164