Finn Enke

Position title: Professor of History and Gender and Women’s Studies


Phone: 608.263.2334

Office: 5124 Mosse Humanities
Mailbox: 5020 Mosse Humanities
Office Hours: TBA
Joint Appointment: Gender & Women's Studies

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I am the Director of the undergraduate LGBTQ+ Studies Certificate Program. I specialize in history of sexuality and gender, primarily 20th century United States, focusing on transgender, queer and feminist social movements; my work is also animated by queer crip studies, critical race and indigeneity studies, graphic art and comics studies.


Ph.D., 1999, University of Minnesota, Department of History
M.A., 1992, University of Minnesota, Comparative Studies in Discourse and Society
B.A., 1987 Swarthmore College, Religious Studies, Asian Studies.


Selected Publications

  • Collective Memory and the Transfeminist 1970s: Toward a Less Plausible History”  TSQ 2018: 5(1) 9-29.
  • “Transgender History and Otherwise Approaches to Queer Embodiment” in Romesburg ed., The Routledge History of Queer America (2018):224-236.
  • Transfeminist Perspectives on History and PedagogyProcess: A Blog for American History, September 1, 2016.
  • “Translation” Transgender Studies Quarterly Vol 1 Issue 1-2 (Summer 2014)
  • “The Education of Little Cis: Binary Gender and the Discipline of Opposing Bodies” in The Transgender Studies Reader Volume 2. Routledge Press, 2012.
  • “Unlikely Sex Change Capitols of the World: Trinidad, United States, and Tehran, Iran, as Twin Yardsticks of Homonormative Liberalism” (with Elizabeth Bucar). Feminist Studies, 37:2 (Summer) 2011.
  • “Smuggling Sex Throough the Gates: Race, Sexuality, and Contested Space in Second Wave Feminism,” American Quarterly vol. 55 number 4 (December) 2003.
  • “Taking Over Domestic Space: The Battered Women’s Movement and Public Protest, 1971-1985” in Van Grosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America. Temple University, 2003.

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