James S. Donnelly, Jr.

Position title: Emeritus Professor

Email: jsdonnel@wisc.edu

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

James S. Donnelly, Jr. headshot


My specializations are Modern Britain & Ireland. My Research and Teaching Interests: As an Irish Historian, I have had three main research interests over the years: 1) landlord-tenant relations; 2) agrarian rebellions; and 3) popular religion. To these might be added a fourth: the Great Famine of the late 1840’s. For teaching purposes I am also keenly interested in modern British history, Irish nationalist politics and in popular religion in Western Europe in the years 1500-1900.


Ph.D., Harvard
M.A., Harvard
B.A., Fordham College


History Courses Taught

  • History 124 – British History 1688-present
  • History 200 – Historical Studies – Topics: “Popular Religion in Europe 1500 – 1900”
  • History 365 – Revolution and Nationalism in Ireland, 1780 to the Present
  • History 600 – The Celtic Tiger and Modern Ireland
  • History 837 – Seminar—History of Modern Britain and Ireland