Ludwig Decke

Position title: TA: History 120 with Professor Bloch


Advisor: Giuliana Chamedes
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Office: 4271 Mosse Humanities Building
Mailbox: 5064 Mosse Humanities Building
Office Hours: Thursdays 1:00-3:00pm

Ludwig Decke


I am interested in the intersection of Jewish, (post-)colonial, and modern European history. My research investigates the paradoxes of liberalism as a force of both emancipation and domination. I am currently working on a dissertation project which intertwines two stories that are usually considered in separate terms: Jewish responses to antisemitism and the antiracist struggle of other racialized populations, namely Black Europeans, guest workers, immigrants from former colonies, and Sinti and Roma.


M.A., 2020, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
B.A., 2016, University of Leipzig


  • European History
  • Jewish History

MA Title

  • “Fighting for the American Jewish Dream: Morris R. Cohen and Liberal Jewish Postwar Planning during World War II “

Selected Publications

Selected Awards

  • Fellow, Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization, Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University (2022)
  • Early Excellence in Teaching Award, Department of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2022)
  • Student Research Grants Competition, Conference Presentation Award, Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2021)
  • George L. Mosse Distinguished Graduate Fellowship in European Cultural History, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2020)
  • Fulbright Fellowship (2018)
  • Matthias Erzberger Prize for the best B.A. thesis on the history of the Weimar Republic (2017)

Professional Affiliations

  • German Studies Association
  • Association for Jewish Studies
  • Central European History Society

Courses Taught as TA

  • History 350: The First World War and the Shaping of Twentieth Century Europe
  • History 357: The Second World War