Ludwig Decke


Advisor: Giuliana Chamedes

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I completed my B.A. in philosophy and social sciences at the University of Leipzig. During my master’s degree in contemporary history at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, I was an ERASMUS+ Visiting Student at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a Fulbright Fellow at the Department of History of UW-Madison. Besides that, I volunteered for the Leipzig Nazi Forced Labor Memorial and worked as a scientific assistant in the editorial departments of the Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture-Simon Dubnow and the Hannah Arendt Institute for Totalitarianism Studies at TU Dresden.

Studying modern European history with a focus on Germany in the 20th century, transatlantic relations, and Jewish politics, I am interested in the intersection between intellectual, political, legal, and cultural history. My master’s thesis explores how, during World War II, Jews embraced American liberalism as a foundation for a Jewish postwar future. In Madison, I will continue my research on Jewish responses to antisemitism and ethnonationalism in the 20th century. Furthermore, I want to delve into questions regarding the emergence of a transnational far-right movement after the collapse of fascism.


B.A., University of Leipzig


  • European History

Selected Publications

  • “Ungleiche Weggefährten: Hannah Arendt, Melvin Lasky und der Antitotalitarismus im kulturellen Kalten Krieg,” Dubnow Institute Yearbook 17 (2018), pp. 117-144, .
  • “Illiberale Demokratie avant la lettre: Zu Carl Schmitts demokratietheoretischen Überlegungen in der Weimar Republik,” in Konflikt und Konsens: Demokratische Transformation in der Weimarer und Bonner Republik, ed. Sebastian Elsbach and Ronny Noak (Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2019), pp. 279-294.
  • “Carl Schmitt,” in Handbuch der völkischen Wissenschaften: Akteure, Netzwerke, Forschungsprogramme, ed. Michael Fahlbusch, Ingo Haar and Alexander Pinwinkler (Berlin/Boston, Mass.: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2017), pp. 732-736 (together with Raphael Gross).
  • Alternatives Deutschland” Review essay on Samuel Salzborn, Angriff der Antidemokraten: Die völkische Rebellion der Neuen Rechten (Weinheim/Basel: Beltz Verlag, 2017), Phase 2 55 (2018).
  • Im Gleichschritt gegen die Moderne” Zum (Miss-)Verhältnis von Postmoderne und der Neuen Rechten,”, Dec. 2016.

Selected Awards

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Exchange & Visiting International Student Academic Excellence Award (Fall Semester 2018 & Spring Semester 2019).
  • Fulbright Study Scholarship
  • ERASMUS+ Study Scholarship
  • Matthias Erzberger Award for the Best B.A. Thesis on History, Politics, and Culture of the Weimar Republic
  • DAAD Travel Grant
  • Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Study Scholarship

Professional Affiliations

  • German Studies Association