Dustin Cohan

Email: dcohan2@wisc.edu

Advisors: Susan L. Johnson and Cindy I-Fen Cheng

Dustin Cohan


I completed my bachelor’s degrees at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and Chicago, majoring in Finance and History, respectively. Prior to attending graduate school, I worked as a business development and pricing analyst for a global freight forwarding and logistics firm called AIT Worldwide.

My research focuses on the complex ways that race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, and immigration status shape U.S. society and structure social, political, and economic hierarchies. Currently, I am developing a dissertation project that investigates late-twentieth century transformations in the U.S. dairy industry.


M.A., in History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
B.S., Finance, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
B.A., History, University of Illinois at Chicago


  • U.S./North American History
  • Individual Plan of Study

MA Title

  • “Deconstructing Migration: Chicanx Advocacy, Racial Marking, and the Fight for Liberation in Wisconsin, 1968-1977”

Selected Awards

  • Winner of the 2015 John Lee Goodman Award from the University of Illinois at Chicago

Professional Affiliations

  • Western History Association
  • Labor and Working-Class History Association

Courses Taught (as TA)

  • History 160 – Asian American History: Process of Movement and Dislocation. (Professor Cindy I-Fen Cheng)
  • History 219 – The American Jewish Experience. (Professor Tony Michels)
  • History 393 – Civil War, Slavery, and Reconstruction, 1848-1877. (Professor Stephen Kantrowitz)