Thomas H. Broman

Position title: Emeritus Professor


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Thomas H. Broman headshot


Current interests include science and medicine in the Enlightenment; the role of science in the public sphere; 18th-century German intellectual and cultural history.


Ph.D., Princeton University, History, 1987
M.A., Princeton University, History, 1983
M.S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Agronomy, 1980
A.B., Ripon College, Biology and Chemistry, 1976


Selected Publications

  • Thomas Broman, “Metaphysics for an Enlightened Public: The Controversy over Monads in Germany, 1746-1748,” Isis 103:1 (2012), 1-23.
  • Thomas Broman, “The Semblance of Transparency: Expertise as a Social Good and an Ideology in Enlightened Societies,” Osiris 27 (2012), 188-208.
  • Thomas H. Broman, “The Habermasian Public Sphere and ‘Science in the Enlightenment,'” History of Science 36 (1998), 123-149.
  • Thomas H. Broman, “Rethinking Professionalization: Theory, Practice, and Professional Ideology in Eighteenth-Century German Medicine,” The Journal of Modern History 67 (1995), 835-872.