UW-Madison’s New History PhDs, 2015-2016

On Friday, May 13, at the University Club, the History Department, in a ceremony hosted by the Director of Graduate Studies Colleen Dunlavy, celebrated the graduate students who have completed their dissertations and earned the Ph.D. during this academic year.

2016 Graduates in attendance:

  • Ashley Barnes-Gilbert
    River Town Brothel Culture: Sex Worker Mobility, Policing, and Agency, 1870-1940
    Professor A. Finn Enke, Advisor
  • Charles Cahill
    Rescuing the Individual: The Kierkegaard Renaissance in Weimar Germany
    Professor Rudy Koshar, Advisor
  • David Harrisville
    Unrighteous Cause: The Moral World of the German Soldier on the Eastern Front and the Wartime Origins of the Wehrmacht Myth, 1941-1944
    Professor Rudy Koshar, Advisor
  • Mayalisa Holzman
    The Front Within: The Soviet Partisan Movement, the Komsomol, and the Ideological War on the Eastern Front, 1941-1944
    Professor Francine Hirsch, Advisor
  • Gregory Robert Jones-Katz
    “The Hermeneutical Mafia” and the Age of Deconstruction
    Professor Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, Advisor
  • Maureen Cristin S. Justiniano
    Navigating Manila’s Labyrinth: Nineteenth-Century Colonial Manila in the Making of a Revolution
    Professor Alfred W McCoy, Advisor
    Represented by Dr. Michael Cullinane
  • Jessica Kirstein
    Making Their Place: Jews, Immigrants, and the Politics of Alternative Workers’ Citizenship in Argentina, 1900-1922
    Professor Florencia Mallon, Francisco A. Scarano, & Steve J. Stern, Advisors
  • Patrick W. Otim
    Forgotten Voices of the Transition: Precolonial Intellectuals and the Colonial State in Northern Uganda, 1850-1950
    Professor Neil Kodesh, Advisor
  • Jed Woodworth
    Joint Ph.D. with Educational Policy Studies
    Horace Mann and the Revolution in American Childhood
    Professor William J. Reese, Advisor

2016 Graduates who could not attend:

  • Matthew Cosby
    “The Cambridge Platonists and the Pre-History of the Enlightenment”
    Johann Sommerville, advisor
  • Arthur Scott Mobley
    “Progressives in Navy Blue: Maritime Strategy, American Empire, and the Transformation of U.S. Naval Identity, 1873-1898”
    John Hall, advisor
  • Jason Morgan
    “Living the Law: Suehiro Izutarō and the Dynamics of 20th-Century Japanese Legal History”
    Sarah Thal, advisor
  • Valeria Navarro-Rosenblatt
    Comunistas judíos en Chile: Experiencia y memoria en las historias de vida de Dora Guralnik y Carlos Berger, 1930-1990 [Jewish Communists in Chile: Experience and Memory in the Life Histories of Dora Guralnik and Carlos Berger, 1930-1990]
    Professor Florencia Mallon, Francisco A. Scarano, & Steve J. Stern, Advisors
  • Britt Tevis
    “May It Displease the Court: Jewish Lawyers and the Democratization of American Law”
    Tony Michels, advisor