History Department PhD Graduation Ceremony – 2015

On Friday, May 15, at the University Club, the History Department, in a ceremony hosted by Department Chair James Sweet and Director of Graduate Studies Colleen Dunlavy, celebrated the graduate students who have completed their dissertations and earned the Ph.D. during this academic year.

2015 Graduates

2015 Graduates

  • Simon Balto
    “’The Law Has a Bad Opinion of Me’”: Policing and Politics in Twentieth-Century Black Chicago”
    Professor Brenda Gayle Plummer, advisor
  • Sean Bloch
    “When Time Stopped: Violence, History, and the Political Imaginary in the Kenya-Somali Borderlands”
    Professor James H. Sweet, advisor
  • Roberto Jose Carmack
    “’A Fortress of the Soviet Home Front’”: Mobilization and Nationality in Kazakhstan during World War II”
    Professor Francine Hirsch, advisor
  • Vaneesa Marie Cook
    “Thy Kingdom Community: Spiritual Socialists and Local to Global Activism, 1920-1970”
    Professor Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, advisor
    Represented by Professor Michael Gambone, Kutztown University
  • Skye Doney
    “Moving Toward the Sacred: German Pilgrimage Practices, 1832-1937”
    Professor Rudy J. Koshar, advisor
  • Ariana Horn
    “Paved with Good Intentions: The Rise and Fall of the “Human Relations” Movement in Milwaukee, 1934-1980”
    Professor Charles L. Cohen, advisor
  • Dan G. Hummel
    “A Covenant of the Mind: American Evangelicals, Israel, and the Construction of a Special Relationship, 1948-1980”
    Professor Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, advisor
    Represented by Professor Charles L. Cohen
  • James Shelley McKay
    “Crusading for Capitalism: Christian Capitalists and the Ideological Roots of the Conservative Movement”
    Professor William J. Reese, advisor
  • Jessica Moore
    “Procopius of Caesarea and Historical Memory in the Sixth Century”
    Professor Marc Kleijwegt, advisor
    Represented by Professor Leonora Neville
  • Terrence Peterson
    “Counterinsurgent Bodies: Social Welfare and Psychological Warfare in French Algeria, 1956-1962”
    Professors Laird Boswell & Mary Lou Roberts, advisors

The History Department’s Graduate Program also congratulates its graduates who could not be present for the ceremony:

  • Melissa Anderson
    “For ‘the Love of Order’: Race, Violence, and the French Colonial Police in Vietnam, 1860s-1920s”
    Professor Thongchai Winichakul, advisor
  • Geneviève Dorais
    “Indo-America and the Politics of APRA Exile, 1918-1945”
    Professors Florencia Mallon and Steve Stern, advisors
  • Ariel Eisenberg
    “‘Save Our Streets and Shelter Our Homeless’: The Homeless Crisis in New York City in the 1980s”
    Professor William Cronon, advisor
  • Anne Giblin
    “From the Inside-out: Social Networks of Migration from Japan’s Tohoku Region, 1872-1937”
    Professors Louise Young and Sarah Thal, advisors
  • Katherine Guenoun
    “‘Between Synagogue and Society’: Jewish Women in Nineteenth-Century France”
    Professors Mary Lou Roberts and Laird Boswell, advisors
  • Sinae Hyun
    “Indigenizing the Cold War: Nation-Building by the Border Patrol Police of Thailand, 1945-1980”
    Professor Thongchai Winichakul, advisor
  • Camarin Porter
    “De subiecto theologiae: Gerardus Odonis, Peter Auriol, and the Nature of Theological Knowledge and Theological Authority in the Early Fourteenth-Century”
    Professor Karl Shoemaker, advisor
  • Javier Samper Vendrell
    “Youthful Perversity: Adolescence and Homosexuality in the Weimar Republic”
    Professor Lou Roberts, advisor
  • Jenna Schulz
    “Borderlands of the Mind: Shaping Identity through the Anglo-Scottish Border, 1558-1660”
    Professor Johann Sommerville, advisor
  • Casey Stark
    “Vesta, her Virgins and the Worship of her Cult during the Roman Imperial Period”
    Professor Marc Kleijwegt, advisor
  • Irina Tamarkina
    “Memories of Authority and Community in Miaphysite & Chalcedonian Narratives of the 5-6th Centuries”
    Professor Leonora Neville, advisor