2018-19, Ph.D. Graduate Ceremony

2019 Ph.D. Recipients.  Ceremony held on Friday, May 10, 2019.

  • Brendon George, advised by Professor Susan Lee Johnson – “Mile High Metropole: Denver and the U.S. Empire”
  • Spring Greeney, advised by Professor William Cronon – “What Cleanliness Smells Like: An Environmental History of Doing the Wash, 1842-1996”
  • Steve Pierce, advised by Professor Neil Kodesh – “Charity, Cosmopolitanism and the City in coastal East Africa, 1750s to 1930s” – (Pierce completed his PhD in August 2018, but took part in the Grad Celebration in May 2019)
  • Megan Stanton, advised by Professor Charles L. Cohen – “All in the Family: Ecclesiastical Authority and Family Theology in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”
  • Kate Wersan, advised by Professor William Cronon – “Between the Calendar and the Clock, an Environmental History of American Timekeeping Practices, 1660-1920”
  • So Yeon Bae, advised by Professor Marc Kleijwegt – “Rewriting Domitian’s Tyranny”
  • Adela Cedillo, advised by Professors Patrick Iber, Steve Stern, and Florencia Mallon – “Intersections Between the Dirty War and the War on Drugs in Northwestern Mexico (1969-1985)”
  • Meggan Bilotte, advised by Professor Susan Lee Johnson – “Becoming Native: Family Labor and Belonging in the Sugar Beet Fields of Northern Colorado, 1901-1969”
  • Jeanne Essame, advised by Professor Brenda Gayle Plummer – “Diaspora as Detour: Haitian Émigrés during the Duvalier years, 1950s-1980s”
  • Benjamin Shannon, advised by Professor Rudy Koshar – ‘From Christians to Socialists: The Political Night Prayer and the Politicization of Religion in West Germany during the 1960s’
  • Piotr Puchalski, advised by Professor Kathryn Ciancia – ‘Beyond Empire: Interwar Poland and Maritime Colonialism, 1918-1939’