Department Card Pre-Authorization Form

UW-Madison Purchasing Card Program

This form must be completed prior to requesting a purchase using the Departmental Purchasing Card.

Remember that:

  • All purchases must be tax exempt.
  • Vendors cannot be on the Ineligible Vendor List
  • If tax is charged or an item is purchased from the ineligible vendor list in error, the purchaser is responsible for contacting the vendor for a refund.
  • Purchases over $5000 cannot be made using the Departmental Credit Card.
  • Items should be purchased via Shop@UW if possible (even if it is more expensive).
  • Requests for food must have the additional documentation attached to the request: Meal Payment Form, participant list, and agenda or event announcement.
  • The business purpose should identify and explain the need for the purchase. For example, “refrigerator for Lab XYZ used to keep samples cold” or “business lunch with John Smith from ABC Corporation to discuss implementation plan for Project 123”.