Professor Mou Banerjee and Undergraduate Students Featured in Interview on The Nonviolence Project

The College of Letters & ScienceMou Banerjee recently published a spotlight on The Nonviolence Project, an online history project that aims to educate people about the success of nonviolent protests across the world. The project is led by Professor Mou Banerjee and features articles written by a team of student researchers.

The historical vignettes detailed on The Nonviolence Project’s website exhibit how nonviolent protest has been effective throughout history and across cultural, geographical, and political landscapes. In addition to the articles, The Nonviolence Project provides other engaging resources like reading lists, lists of films to watch, a newsletter, and a playlist of nonviolent protest songs.

In the interview with the College of Letters & Science, Mou Banerjee explains the driving force behind the project: “It’s about my students. Their voices, their work on past nonviolent protests, the way in which they think about the past and what their future will look like.”

Student researcher and undergraduate History major Anna Basha shares, “This project encourages people who may feel helpless in matters happening worldwide [to] feel as if they have a voice and feel empowered . . . understanding that there is power in knowledge, power in empathy and understanding, as well as in solidarity.”

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