History Major Chloe Foor Receives Spotlight for Interdisciplinary Work

News: History Major Chloe Foor Receives Spotlight for Interdisciplinary WorkThe School of Computer, Data, & Information Sciences recently published a student spotlight on Chloe Foor that detailed how Chloe is using her interdisciplinary education to study the human-centered aspects of technology.

Chloe is a senior majoring in Computer Sciences, Information Sciences, and History. Speaking on her hope to increase the accessibility of historical information, Chloe says: “I can’t tell you how many library or archive websites I’ve been on that have been poorly designed, which might dissuade people from using it. Making sure that reliable historical information is readily available can help stop the spread of misinformation.”

“Another reason why the intersection of history, information science, and computer science is important is because it can add new layers to historical analysis. By using data visualizations, mapping software, or other technologies, previously hidden historical correlations become apparent, leading to new discoveries about history.”

In addition to her academic work, Chloe is also currently serving as the Student Coordinator & Web Designer for UW-Madison’s Nonviolence Project, which brings together information from various sources to make the broad topic of nonviolent protest more accessible to a general audience.