History Ph.D. Candidate Writes About Pandemic and Post-Combat Life

Chad Gibbs posing on top of a tank during a tour of duty in Iraq.
Chad Gibbs during a tour of duty in Iraq.

History Ph.D. candidate and U.S. Army veteran Chad Gibbs has an article published in Newsweek about how the end of the pandemic might feel, from the perspective of a combat veteran, and what to look for next.

“While that last phase of a high-tempo life in danger certainly has its risks, what comes next also demands consideration. People all around the globe are experiencing some of the most stressful months of their lives. Many are pushing on by bottling up emotions, ignoring problems, and sidelining unsolvable issues that will all come due when this is over. As many soldiers can tell you from sad experiences with the onset of PTSD, those things aren’t gone. They’re just sort of waiting their turn.”

Chad Gibbs studies the history of the Holocaust and modern European Jewish history at UW-Madison. He is currently a Visiting Fellow at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

To read the full article, visit Newsweek.