Grad Student Jeffrey Guarneri Publishes Article in Global Urban History Project Blog

Jeff GuarneriGraduate student Jeffrey Guarneri recently published a piece titled “Cartographies of Global Connectivity in Interwar Japan,” in the Global Urban History Project blog. The GUHP is a well-known and respected transnational urban history association. Guarneri’s article discusses the dissemination and use of chōkanzu, or “bird’s-eye-view maps” commissioned by Japan’s municipal governments and chambers of commerce in the 1920s and 1930s. Guarneri asserts, “By publishing chōkanzu and using them as promotional tools, the civic boosters who commissioned these maps actively promoted their ports as more than just ‘cities of Japan,’ but instead ‘cities of the world’ whose routes stretched from Tokyo to London, to the cosmopolitan hub of Shanghai, or across the Pacific to San Francisco and Vancouver.” Guarneri is currently at work on his dissertation, advised by Professors Louise Young and Sarah Thal. To read the full piece, click see Global Urban History.