Publication from Goldberg Center Book Series Awarded Prize from the American Historical Association

American Slavery Book CoverThe book, Understanding and Teaching American Slavery, published as part of The Harvey Goldberg Series for Understanding and Teaching History with University of Wisconsin Press has just received the James Harvey Robinson Prize from the American Historical Association “for the teaching aid which has made the most outstanding contribution to the teaching and learning of history in any field for public or educational purposes”. The prize will be presented at the AHA’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Chicago on January 3rd.

The Harvey Goldberg Series is a project of the Goldberg Center for the Study of Contemporary History at UW-Madison, a program affiliated with the Department of History. The series was formed in order to give “college and secondary instructors a deeper understanding of the past as well as the tools to help them teach it creatively and effectively.”

Understanding and Teaching American Slavery is used as a framework for the Southern Poverty Law Center’s program, Teaching Hard History.

According to the AHA’s announcement of the award, “Understanding and Teaching American Slavery, a readable, accessible, and thoughtful volume, serves as a superb resource for secondary school and university teachers. The most eminent historians in the field, public historians, curators, education specialists, and archaeologists provide critical overviews of the subject alongside fresh scholarly approaches and an impressive breadth of interdisciplinary ideas. The authors develop innovative pedagogical methods and examine useful primary sources, making this work a valuable contribution for those tasked with teaching this critically important subject”.