Talk: Andrew and Alex Lichtenstein

Marked, Unmarked, Remembered: A Photo-Historical Collaboration

Alex Lichtenstein
Current editor of the American Historical Review

Andrew Lichtenstein
Documentary photographer, Journalist, and Educator

Friday, Mar 9, 2018
2:00 PM
UW Memorial Library (728 State St.)

Photojournalist Andrew Lichtenstein and his brother, historian Alex Lichtenstein, will speak about their collaborative Marked, Unmarked, Remembered: A Geography of American Memory (West Virginia University Press, 2017), which presents photographs of significant sites of social unrest from United States history interspersed with short essays. Focusing especially on landscapes related to African American, Native American, and labor history, the original photographs and essays from leading historians—including a contribution from UW-Madison History Professor Stephen Kantrowitz—speak to challenges of commemorating a violent and conflictual history of subjugation and resistance. In addition to speaking about the how the book poses unsettling questions about the contested memory of traumatic episodes from the nation’s past, the authors will discuss the challenges and successes of collaboration among academics, educators, and artists.

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