Catherine Jackson delivers Burkett Lectures at De Pauw

April 2016

Assistant Professor Catherine Jackson visited the Chemistry Department at De Pauw University, Indiana, in April 2016 to deliver the 23rd Burkett Lectures (see lecture brochure for more information and a list of previous speakers). The Burkett Lectures are endowed by alumni of De Pauw’s Chemistry Department to honor the memory of esteemed teacher and researcher Howard Burkett (1916-2009). Jackson’s public lectures featured Emil Fischer, the “Einstein” of organic chemistry, and highlighted the role of practical laboratory reasoning in 19th-century chemists’ mastery of the material world – work drawn from her current book project, Material World: Analysis, Synthesis, and the Development of Modern Chemistry.

She is delighted the honorarium associated with these lectures ($2500) will be used to support conference and research travel for students in the Graduate Program in History of Science at UW-Madison.