Disclosing/Enclosing Thematic Cluster

December 2014

Assistant Professor Nicole Nelson from History of Science and a trio of Medical History and Bioethics faculty – Linda Hogle, Pilar Ossorio, and Kris Saha – form the team leaders of an exciting thematic cluster titled Disclosing/Enclosing. This cluster is being funded by the Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies and intends to build connections across disciplines and forge new intellectual directions in STS research at UW Madison. Specifically, the Disclosing/Enclosing cluster will investigate the many paradoxes of information flow through the lens of enclosures and disclosures of knowledge.

The cluster began this Fall 2014 semester with a full schedule of events, and will resume in the Spring 2015 term with an equally busy agenda, including taking part in a conference in April on the UW campus titled Secrecy and Transparency. Please visit the STS web site for more information about this cluster and its schedule of events.

Cluster leaders (left to right): Linda Hogle, Pilar Ossorio, Kris Saha, and Nicole Nelson:

Cluster members