Congratulations to our recent PhD Recipients – 2009-2010

Asaka, Ikuko – Dissertation title: “Race Across Empire and Republic: Black Migration to Canada and Racial, National, and Gender Formations in Atlantic Context”; post-doc., Penn State. Advisor: Steve Kantrowitz

Bradley, Francis R. – Dissertation title: “The Social Dynamics of Islamic Rivalism in Southeast Asia: The Rise of the Patani School, 1785-1909”; visiting asst. prof., Hamilton College. Advisor: Thongchai Winichakul

Bragg, John K. – Dissertation title: “The A’Yan-Esraf Notables and the Formation of an Ottoman Provincal Middle Class in Later Tanzimat-era Tokat, 1858-1876” Advisor: David O. Morgan

Djakababa, Yosef M. – Dissertation title: “The Construction of History Under Indonesia’s New Order: The Making of the Lubang Buaya Official Narrative” Advisor: Alfred W. McCoy

Ellis, Angela K. – Dissertation title: “Life on the Margins: Early Modern Catholics Negotiating Gender, National Identity, and Religious Loyalties in the Southern Anglo-Welsh Borderlands” Advisor: Johann Sommerville

Kvale, Nicole I. – Dissertation title: “Emigrant Trains: Migratory Transportation Networks through Germany and the United States, 1847-1914” Advisor: Thomas J. Archdeacon

Lee, Margaret B. – Dissertation title: “Ethnic Limits: Negotiating Ethnicity, Race, and Community Boundaries in Suburban Chicago” Advisor: Thomas J. Archdeacon

Matias-Ortiz, Andres – Dissertation title: “Evolutionary Populism in the Place Where Nothing Happens: Coamo, Puerto Rico, 1930-1969”; visiting lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Advisor: Francisco A. Scarano

Mekel, Sonja L. – (Dissertation title: “’Herren from the Tribe of Juda’: The Relationship between German and German-Jewish Immigrants in Milwaukee and Chicago, 1840-1900” Advisor: Thomas J. Archdeacon

Nelson, Susan S. – Dissertation title: “Amazons, Intellectuals, and the Good Wife: Quarrels over Women in Early Eighteenth-Century France” Advisor: Suzanne Desan

Patterson, Molly B. – Dissertation title: “South Arabian Maritime Expansion and the Origins of East African Islam: 1200-1500”; asst. prof., University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Advisor: Michael Chamberlain

Platt, Eric W. – Dissertation title:“The Course and Consequences of British Involvement in the Dutch Political and Religious Disputes of the Early Seventeenth Century”; asst. prof., St. Francis College Advisor: Johann Sommerville

Sartore, Melissa – Dissertation title: “Outlawry, Law, and Governance in Medieval England” Advisor: Karl B. Shoemaker

Wobick, Sarah. – Dissertation title: “Make Yourself at Home: Jewish Belonging and Sociability in Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg, 1890-1950s”; post-doc, Syracuse University. Advisor: David J. Sorkin

Young, Spencer E. – Dissertation title: “Queen of the Faculties: Theology and Theologians at Paris, c. 1215 – c. 1250” Advisor: William J. Courtenay