All History of Science Department Events for Spring 2008

January 25 (Friday) at Noon

Walton Schalick, UW-Madison
“Mephibosheth in the Middle Ages: Disability and Children, 1000-1400.”

February 1 (Friday) at Noon

Scott Prinster, UW-Madison
“Who’s Watching the Watchers? Why Some Historians Call Institutional Review Boards a Threat to Academic Freedom.”

February 8 (Friday) at Noon

Visual Culture Symposium
No Brown Bag

February 13 (Wednesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: David Rosner, Columbia University
“Trials and Tribulations of a Historian in the Courtroom: The Case(s) of Lead Poisoned Children in Wisconsin and the Country.”
Location: 6102 Social Science

February 15 (Friday) at Noon

Walton Schalick and Ellen Samuels, UW-Madison
“Enabling Disability Studies at UW.”

February 22 (Friday) at Noon

Thomas Broman, UW-Madison
“Field Notes from an Awards Committee.”

February 29 (Friday) at Noon

Richard Keller, UW-Madison
“Chasing Ghosts: Social Ecology, Marginalization, and the Paris Heat Wave.”

March 7 (Friday) at Noon

Meridith Beck Sayre, Megan Raby, and Lynnette Regouby, UW-Madison
“The Natural History of Nearly Everything.”

March 12 (Wednesday) at 4:15 pm

Colloquium: Joshua Kundert, UW-Madison
“Fluid Technologies of World War II: Fuels, Oil and Everything in Between.”
Location: 8417 Social Science

March 14 (Friday) at Noon

Amrys Williams, UW-Madison
“A Place for Movies: Thinking about History and Film.”

March 21 (Friday) at Noon

Spring Break
No Brown Bag

March 28 (Friday) at Noon

BYOI (Bring Your Own Idea) Potluck

April 2 (Wednesday) at 4:15 pm

Colloquium: Robert E. Kohler, University of Pennsylvania
“A Science of the Whole Environment: Wildlife Ecology.”
Location: 8417 Social Science

April 4 (Friday) at Noon

Judith Holst-Kaplan, UW-Madison
“The ‘Oriental Science’ of James Henry Breasted.”

April 9 (Wednesday) at 4:15 pm

Colloquium: Angela N.H. Creager, Princeton University
“Tracing Radioisotopes Through the Biomedical Complex, 1935-1955: From Gift Exchange to Commodification in the Atomic Age.”
Location: 8417 Social Science. Co-sponsored by the Holtz Center for Science and Technologies Studies.

April 11 (Friday) at Noon

Michael Shank and David Lindberg, UW-Madison
“Defining the Scientific Revolution: the Controversy Over ‘Natural Philosophy’ and ‘Mathematics’ From Aristotle to the 17th Century.”

April 18 (Friday) at Noon

Warwick Anderson, University of Sydney
“Indigenous Health in a Global Frame: From Community Development to Human Rights.”

April 25 (Friday) at Noon

Shannon Withycombe, UW-Madison
“Doctors Defining Miscarriage: Meaning-Making in Pregnancy Loss in Nineteenth-Century America.”

May 2 (Friday) at Noon

Hans Hjermitslev, University of Aarhus
“Danes Celebrating Darwin – Tribute and Ambivalence at the 1909 Anniversary.”

May 7 (Wednesday) at 4:15 pm

Colloquium: Eric Schatzberg, UW-Madison
“How Technology Lost its Logos.”
Location: 8417 Social Science

May 9 (Friday) at Noon

Town Meeting