All History of Science Department Events for Fall 2008

September 5 (Friday) at Noon

Introductions and Planning

September 12 (Friday) at Noon

James Secord, Cambridge
“Paper Comets: Prophecy, Science and the End of the World in the Nineteenth-century Press.”

September 15 (Monday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Harriet Ritvo, MIT
“The Dawn of Green: Manchester, Thirlmere, and the Victorian Environment.”
co-sponsored with the Center for Culture, History, and Environment.

September 19 (Friday) at Noon

Andrew Ruis, UW-Madison
“The Extinction of the Lunch Box.”

September 23 (Tuesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Gabrielle Hecht, University of Michigan
“African Bodies and Nuclear Things: Scenes from the Transnational Production of Uranium.”
co-sponsored by African Studies Program, Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies, Center for European Studies, Department of Engineering Physics, Center for World Affairs and the Global Economy, and the WAGE collaborative project “Governing New Conflicts in Global Energy Futures.”

September 26 (Friday) at Noon

Scott Trigg, UW-Madison
“Notes from the Field – Life and Research in Cairo and Istanbul.”

October 3 (Friday) at Noon

Tim Osswald, UW-Madison
“From Natural to Artificial Rubber: A Path from the Amazon to Auschwitz.”

October 10 (Friday) at Noon

Richard Keller, UW-Madison
“Historicizing Health and Human Rights: Colonial Health in the Global Present.”

October 17 (Friday) at Noon

Harry Marks, Johns Hopkins University
“Historical Epistemology After Latour: Time & Modern Medicine.”

October 21 (Tuesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Janet Browne, Harvard University
“I Wonder What a Chimpanzee Would Say to This? Commemorating Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species.”
sponsored by the Department of Medical History and Bioethics
co-sponsored with Anthropology, Integrated Liberal Studies, Philosophy, Zoology.

October 24 (Friday) at Noon

Taner Edis, Truman State University
“The Creation/Evolution Debate in Turkey.”

October 31 (Friday) at Noon

Daniel Kleinman, UW-Madison
“STS at the UW-Madison.”

November 7 (Friday) at Noon

HSS meeting, Pittsburgh, PA
BYOI (Bring Your Own Idea)

November 14 (Friday) at Noon

Thomas Broman, UW-Madison
“Hippocrates Goes Multi-Media: A Review of Thomas Rutten’s ‘History of the Hippocratic Oath’.”

November 21 (Friday) at Noon

Micaela Sullivan-Fowler, Robin Rider, Mary Hitchcock, UW-Madison
“How’d You Find That?: Performing Optimum Research in the Age of Google.”

November 28 (Friday) at Noon

No Brown Bag lunch

December 2 (Tuesday) at 4:00 pm

Colloquium: Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University
“Regenerative Medicine and Society: Translation, Transplantation, and Stem Cells in Historical Context.”
CANCELLED due to weather, this talk will be rescheduled.

December 5 (Friday) at Noon

Meridith Beck Sayer, UW-Madison
“Jesuit Relations on Film.”
LOCATION: 7130 Social Science, no rooms available at the Union

December 12 (Friday) at Noon

Town meeting