Graduate School Exploration

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General Information for Students Considering Graduate or Professional School

History Majors go on to graduate programs in a variety of fields. Some graduate programs (Medical School, for example) require extensive coursework beyond your major requirements, but no matter what type of graduate study interests you, the process of preparing for, researching, and applying to graduate programs can be complicated and daunting. The Career Services website has a section devoted to graduate and professional schools, covering everything from admission exams to personal statements.

This section of the History Department website is also devoted to helping you find and apply to the graduate programs that best suit you. Although this process can be complicated, there are many resources available to help you navigate it successfully. At the bottom of this page you will find links to pages containing advice on graduate programs in Law, History and Library Science.

Is Graduate School Right for Me?

Graduate study in any field is an enormous commitment, so it’s wise to do some soul searching before you decide to pursue it. Cast a wide net for advice on this important decision: ask your professors for their reactions; talk to your teaching assistants about grad school; and, in general, don’t be shy when you are investigating your options. Career Services has compiled a list of some basic questions you should ask yourself about whether or not graduate study is your best option and, if so, when you should begin: Is Graduate School the best option? (pdf)

How to Research Graduate Programs

The Career Services website has links to a variety of online resources for researching graduate programs.

College Library’s Career Collection contains a wide selection of helpful resources, including directories of universities and colleges, standardized testing aids, and guides for preparing CVs and cover letters

Career Services has prepared a helpful list of questions to consider as you go through the process of researching graduate programs: Identify Graduate Programs that Match Your Interests (pdf)

Information on Specific Graduate Programs

Your Undergraduate History Advisors are also available to help you at any stage of the process