Department of History Enrollment Information

StudentsDepartmental policies regarding enrollment in history courses can be found below. If you are interested in a specific course, look for that course’s specific Instructor Provided Content. Syllabi from previous semesters can be found in the History Department Syllabi Library. For more information about the Department of History’s undergraduate course offerings, please see the Spring 2016 History Course Guide.

Waitlist Policy

History courses generally have waitlists, with some exceptions for cross-listed courses. As space becomes available, graduating seniors will have preference; otherwise, seats will be granted to students in chronological order (the first person on the list is the first person off the list). Students serious about gaining a spot in a course off the waitlist should attend class and talk to the instructor. Course instructors have final say on all class roster decisions and can add students who’ve made compelling cases.

History 600 Information

Fall 2017 History 600 descriptions are available here.

How Do I Obtain Authorization to Take History 600? Review the list of seminars posted online, make a choice, and then contact the professor using the method they have indicated next to their History 600 topic description.Some may require you to complete a brief questionnaire, others may want to meet with you in-person. Many request that you contact them via email. In your emails to instructors, make sure to include your grade level, major(s), as well as a brief summary of why you’re interested in their particular topic. Once a professor has accepted you into their seminar, they will contact Isaac Lee, who will then authorize you to register (on or after your scheduled registration time).

If you obtain permission to enroll in a seminar prior to your enrollment appointment, you will receive an email from Isaac containing enrollment instructions a few days prior to this date. If you obtain permission after senior enrollment has begun, you will receive instructions as you are admitted. You MUST REGISTER ONLINE at your designated registration time and complete your registration no later than the date Isaac indicates in his email, otherwise you will be unable to enroll in the class! **Please note that seminars fill up quickly, so choose a 600 seminar and contact the professor as soon as possible, especially if you are graduating in Fall 2017.

As sections close, this information will be posted on the History 600 Seminar page -- Course Guide is not an accurate source of information about enrollment levels or availability. Priority will be given to graduating seniors.

If you are studying abroad, the History 600 Authorization process is essentially the same as above, however, you will need to contact your perspective professor by email. Please let them know you are currently studying abroad and unavailable to meet face-to-face. If you run into any problems please contact Scott Burkhardt for assistance.

Arranging a Thesis or an Independent Study

Enrollment in Senior Thesis (691, 692), Honors Thesis (681,682), and Independent Study (199,698, and 699) courses is by consent of the instructor. You can obtain an authorization form in 3211 Humanities or download it here - Course Authorization Form (pdf). Once a professor has signed off on the form, bring it to the history office (3211 Humanities). If you are authorized for a thesis, you will also be authorized to add the History Colloquium (680 or 690). For more information about the thesis process, see the thesis page on the website and speak with the history advising team

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses require the instructor’s consent for enrollment. Many graduate syllabi can be found in the Syllabi Libary. For more information about graduate courses, also see the Graduate School Catalog. Please direct questions about graduate courses to the instructor listed in the timetable or to the Graduate Program Coordinator, Leslie Abadie